“Not For You” by Mower

Artist: Mower
Title: Not For You
Label: Suburban Noize Records
Release Date: May 16, 2006
Genre: Metal (I guess)
Rating: 3/5

Ever pick up an album and realize the title tells you exactly what you hold in your hands? Such was the case with this run-of-the mill “shout rock” disc that boasts decent musicianship and tunes that are yelled rather than sung (or even Cookie Monster-voxed). It won’t kill you, nor will it in any way make you stand up and scream, “Jumping Jesus in a basket of chicken, that was fucking awesome!!!,” but it does gain points for an amusing metal cover of the Mamas & the Papas’ “California Dreamin’.”

Track Listing:
1. American Psycho
2. Road rage
3. 10’ X 10’
4. The End
5. Look Away
6. Broken Hands
8. General Admission
9. U Turn
10. Undone
11. Not For You
12. L.A. Riot
13. Zone
14. Seedless
15. California Dreamin’

Official Website: http://www.mowermusic.com/

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