“No Remorse” (Deluxe Edition) by Motorhead

Artist: Motorhead
Title: “No Remorse” (Deluxe Edition)
Label: Sanctuary Music
Release Date: 11/16/2010
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Rating: 5/5

I will admit it to you readers early that I was not one of the first of my friends to be into Motorhead and that even surprises me a little bit when I think about all the other bands that I liked around this time that were similar in some fashion. Granted I leaned more towards the Judas Priest, KISS and Van Halen stuff at this time while other friends were focusing on Savatage, Motorhead and Accept and since we always compared notes there was a healthy cross pollination of Metal interests being exchanged on a daily basis. “No Remorse” was actually my second Motorhead album and while it was a compilation release it was as a friend described it to be “the perfect primer of the bands work” and he was right. As soon as I bought my copy I would play it religiously and much to my parents chagrin. It was heavy, it was loud and it was relentless. It was just what Metal and Hard Rock were defined as being and the fans, if they were smart enough, were taking to it like gangbusters. “No Remorse” celebrates the bands earliest years and their tenure on the Bronze Records label. The original LP was a two record set and found some 24 tunes across its four sides. The CD that was released in 1992 on Roadracer Records (who the world now affectionately refers to as Roadrunner) omitted a couple of tunes on it to allow the fitting on a single CD. The Deluxe Edition returns us to a two disc motif and restores the omitted tunes, one of which was “Louie, Louie” which I would have been fine with never hearing again.

To say that this is a strong compilation would be an understatement because there are just so many of the bands classics in one place for you to choose from. Is “Ace Of Spades” any more important than “Iron Fist”? Is “Dancing On Your Grave” better than “Killed By Death”? It’s impossible to discern but clearly those arguments were settled over numerous Jack Daniels shots in Rock clubs around the world. From beginning to end this does truly serve as an excellent primer in the bands body of work and believe me that Lemmy, Fast Eddie and Phil had done right by their fans with their beginnings. If you are like I was, you will find yourself reaching for the volume knob to kick it up just a little bit higher as the listen progresses. Believe me that the neighbors will not know what hit them after you finish playing this one. That will serve them right for stomping around upstairs at an ungodly pre-coffee hour or playing their commercial drivel Pop music again and again. Make Lemmy proud of your efforts and make those annoying neighbors regret ever moving into your building.

The Deluxe Edition gives us five bonus tracks which might prove interesting to both new and hard core fans and this begins with two different versions of “Under The Knife”. That was pretty cool since each one sounded different. We also get two songs that the band did with the inimitable Wendy O Williams and with these we find Motorhead going Punk for awhile. Being honest, I was never a fan of the Plasmatics so in that, Miss Wendy was not my cup of tea but I do recognize her importance to the overall music scene and fans of that genre. I hated the version of “No Class” that they offer up but did enjoy “Stand By Your Man” since the duet with Lemmy was rather fun. It made me wonder how Mr. Kilmister would have done had he sung “Close My Eyes Forever” with Lita Ford instead of Ozzy when that tune was first presented to the Hard Rock world. A sixteen page booklet comes with the release and there are liner notes about all of the tracks along with a healthy commentary by Malcolm Dome. There are also a few photos to enjoy which wrap the whole thing up nicely. Over the years Motorhead has had some membership changes but Lemmy is always at the point directing the ship. In today’s Hard Rock and Metal world they are still selling out shows and kicking ass like no one’s business. The material they dole out continues to show promise and this is based on the overall amount of influence that the tunes that we find on “No Remorse” that this was ever possible. If you don’t have this in your collection you need to add it on the quick. I admit my scoring rank of this is left to perfect but it was such an important compilation package to me and an album that was practically played to unusable.

Track Listing:
1. Ace Of Spades
2. Motorhead (live)
3. Jailbait
4. Stay Clean
5. Too Late, Too Late
6. Killed By Death
7. Bomber
8. Iron Fist
9. Shine
10. Dancing On Your Grave
11. Metropolis
12. Snaggletooth
13. Overkill
14. Please Don’t Touch
15. Stone Dead Forever
16. Like A Nightmare
17. Emergency
18. Steal Your Face
19. Louie, Louie
20. No Class
21. Iron Horse
22. (We Are) The Road Crew
23. Leaving Here (live)
24. Locomotive
25. Under The Knife (12’) – bonus
26. Under The Knife (12”) – bonus
27. Masterplan – bonus
28. No Class (with Wendy O Williams) – bonus
29. Stand By Your Man (with Wendy O Williams) – bonus

Official Website: http://www.imotorhead.com

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