No Caffeine For You: The KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach Is Closed!!!

I have to say that I am rather bummed about the news that the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC would be closing its doors after its initial opening in 2006. As a lifelong KISS fan this seemed like the perfect place for me to pay a visit to and enjoy two of my favorite things (coffee and of course the mighty KISS).

Sign - KISS - Coffeehouse

According to what I read there was a steady decline in business even thought the place had done well initially and even found both Gene and Paul attending the grand opening. I was sad to have not paid a visit to this place before it shut down because I have enjoyed featuring KISS observances as places like the Hard Rock Cafe when I chanced upon them here in the blog for our readers and especially since my family had recently relocated to this exact part of South Carolina. The photos below were actually taken by my Mother so I had some sort of visual to opine about for you all today. Nice work Mom, you can always be a remote correspondent for PiercingMetal if need be.




Had I actually gotten to the KISS Coffeehouse I would have presented my findings over on The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken which is my lifestyle website, The new readers to might not know that yet so a quick reminder never hurts. I guess I better figure out some road trips to Florida for Nicko McBrain’s rib place or out to Indiana to “Ripper’s Rock House” just to make sure I got to enjoy their offerings while its possible to do so. I’m not suggesting they will be going away any time soon but based on what I see with Gordon Ramsey and John Taffer’s shows, keeping a restaurant thriving is not an easy task at all. If I go I promise to blog on the other website.

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