Nine Inch Nails Among Headliners For Panorama Music Festival 2017

Hey there again my fiends, so there is another Summer Music Festival happening in NYC over on Randall’s Island in 2017 and its called the “Panorama Music Festival”. This event is still on the new side and while I don’t recall hearing about it before today this announcement is for the second go round. Since I shared the one for the Governor’s Ball and its lineup of performers, I wanted to do the same for this one for the interested.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As was the case with the Governor’s Ball post, it’s clear to know that NIN is going to be one of the main events for the festival and I know a lot of you are excited about that news since they had also been on a bit of a hiatus. For me there isn’t much else that will draw me to the event so I am not thinking that I will be in attendance at this one either. I say to each their own if this overall lineup is making you smile a little bit wider as you read the performers. Advance tickets have been on sale since early December but there are likely plenty left for you to grab. Now as we close up I wonder what you think of this particular festival. Seeing two events of this kind happening over the summer makes me wonder a little stronger why this side of the pond cannot have its own version of the Wacken Open Air Fest. Not one that features the same bands that headline all of the US Festivals either, but the ones that do that German one. Let me know what you think in the comments below as I’m approving all the topical ones. See you next time.

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