Nightwish Unveils Dates/Locations For “Decades” 2018 European Tour

It was just the other day that I posted about the European Tour being mapped out by the band Within Temptation (seen HERE), and while this was not a common practice for me since we are in the USA, when it happens to be a band you really enjoy you make sure to spread the word. That said, I was excited to find out the European plans getting unveiled by the Finnish Metal sensation known as Nightwish. Take a look at the bands statement along with the revealed dates. I’ll close out with a light editorial addition so read on.

The Press Release:
In 1996 Tuomas Holopainen made a three-song demo that eventually lead to his first recording contract with his brand new band NIGHTWISH. Fast forward 20 years, over 2000 concerts and 8 million sold albums later, the band are the biggest female-fronted European metal band that will now celebrate their 20-year career with a 2CD compilation (out on Nuclear Blast worldwide in March 2018) and with a nine-month World Tour with a special setlist full of surprises. The DECADES: WORLD TOUR 2018 will start from North America in March 2018 and after the summer festivals it is time to unleash the European part.

DECADES: EUROPE 2018 Tour Dates:
02.11.2018 – PARTILLE ARENA, Göteborg, SWEDEN
06.11.2018 – BARCLAYCARD ARENA, Hamburg, GERMANY
07.11.2018 – LOTTO ARENA, Antwerp, BELGIUM
09.11.2018 – KÖNIG-PILSENER ARENA, Oberhausen, GERMANY
11.11.2018 – ARENA, Genf, SWITZERLAND
13.11.2018 – INCHEBA EXPO ARENA, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
14.11.2018 – OLYMPIAHALLE, Munich, GERMANY
16.11.2018 – ARENA, Leipzig, GERMANY
17.11.2018 – TAURON ARENA, Krakow, POLAND
20.11.2018 – ARENA, Budapest, HUNGARY
23.11.2018 – ARENA, Nürnberg, GERMANY
24.11.2018 – SCHLEYERHALLE, Stuttgart, GERMANY
27.11.2018 – SAARLANDHALLE, Saarbrücken, GERMANY
04.12.2018 – MEDIONALUM FORUM, Milan, ITALY
05.12.2018 – FESTHALLE, Frankfurt, GERMANY

More Euro tour dates will be published a bit later on.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: There isn’t much for me to add here outside of suggesting that if you are on that side of the pond to make sure that you catch Nightwish in action on the big stage which is the best place to see them for sure. Over the years I’ve been fortunate to watch them do their thing in my mighty Metal Metropolis of NYC and I know full well that their dates are selling out by the day. The new video release and album are fantastic additions to your Metal collection so get on point with the rest of us. If this band is still somehow new to you, don’t worry as we welcome all into the mix on making their name bigger and bigger. If you are in Europe, please chime in and let me know what you think about this tour announcement.

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