Nightwish Reveals “My Walden” Live Video Clip

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In a couple of months, the Finnish Metal sensation known as Nightwish will be releasing an amazing double live concert video care of the Nuclear Blast Records label. The film is called “Vehicle Of Spirit” and will be the first live recordings done with the great Floor Jansen as their lead vocalist. The video was captured during the bands “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” World Tour. Recently the label released another clip from this sure to be exciting release and you can watch it down below.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: “My Walden” is a solid tune from the bands most recent album and one of its prominent features are the pipes of Troy Donockley as they help take the band into different musical worlds. Though I am not sure how to convince someone new about the band outside of saying that this clip firms up the belief that one must see them live in concert to get the proper effect, it is a solid enough tune to find you clicking the “replay” button on YouTube. In addition to Floor Jansen being a standout singer after a number of years in service, also doing a righteous job is drummer Kai Hahto who we get to see from a number of angles during the clip. I am still waiting for my video to arrive from and honestly cannot wait to sit and watch this with the volume turned up really high. You should be planning on doing something similar. If you liked this clip you should tell me how much down in the comments section.

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