Nightwish Reveals “Alpenglow” Live Video Clip

In a couple of months, the Finnish Metal sensation known as Nightwish will be releasing an amazing double live concert video care of the Nuclear Blast Records label. The film is called “Vehicle Of Spirit” and will be the first live recordings done with the great Floor Jansen as their lead vocalist. The video was captured during the bands “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” World Tour. Aren’t we fortunate that a second clip was shared from this exciting release. Watch it below and oh yeah, this clip also comes from Wembley Arena just like the previously featured “Shudder Before The Beautiful” clip that we shared not too long ago.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: You’ve probably realized that I copied almost ALL of my description from the other video clip but that was more for a sense of consistency than anything else. So what to do in terms of “review” for another live video? Well, let me keep this one simple and say what I loved about the song “Alpenglow” in the first place. The song brings out a sense of positivity to me that is only fully experienced during a Nightwish live concert. There is something that makes me feel so very good when I watch them and this conveys well in the clip. We get all of the members in full view and some close-ups which is nice and we even find Troy Donockly adding some additional guitar to the song. Not that Emppu needs any help, but it adds to the “bigness” of the Nightwish sound. Oh yeah and everyone is smiling at their crowd and trust me that just makes the energy all the stronger. I am counting down for this one which streets in the USA in early January.

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