Nightwish Presents: “The Making Of” A New Album: Part 5

Whew. Nightwish is hard at the task and keeping many providers of online journalism busy with a continuing series of video shorts that bring us behind the scenes in the making of their brand-new album. We are up to Episode 5 and this one is entitled “More Campers”. Enjoy.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Though I’ve been keeping mum about these for the most part, I am really enjoying the latest one since it brings both Floor and Troy into the films as they begin their parts. Hopefully you readers caught the post from a few days ago where we announced the bands 2015 North American Tour and if you didn’t see that summary yet, please click HERE to be up to speed with the rest of us. I am VERY excited about that bit of concert news. Don’t forget to click onto THIS LINK if you’ve missed any of the earlier films. I’ve got them tagged properly for your ease of discovery and I think that there is still some ways to do. Part of me wishes that I thought longer about individual posts as opposed to one but I digress. Until we meet for the next one of these. Adieu.

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