Nightwish Presents: “The Making Of” A New Album: Part 3

Welcome back everyone, it’s nice to see you here once again for this little video series presentation. For those just joining the program, its “The Making Of” the brand-new album by Nightwish and they’ve been giving the world these little peaks into the process. Part Three is called “Inside His Head” and in this we get subtitles which is a good thing since all the talk from bandleader Tuomas is in Finnish. Here we go.

Official Website:

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Before I get too ahead of myself, I did want to make sure that everyone checking out these clips was aware that while he is in the first few chapters, drummer Jukka has stepped down as the bands drummer to deal with some health issues. I summed up the whole story in a post that can be found HERE in case this is somehow news to you. Moving along, as I’ve said before I’ll be abstaining from larger commentary on these but have to say that after seeing the first two, really think I need to visit the beautiful country of Finland. I certainly know enough people over there. It’s a goal and if you didn’t see those two clips yet, click onto THIS LINK to pull them all up on a new browser tab. See you at Part Four whenever they go live with it.

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