Nightwish Presents: “The Making Of” A New Album: Part 2

Hello again readers, we are back and continuing with the showcasing of the video series centered around Finland’s own Nightwish as they take us behind the scenes during the making of their forthcoming album. For those of you just joining us, you might notice that something has changed here and that is the “PiercingMetal Musings” blog no longer exists. The full scoop can be examined HERE but in a nutshell everything is in one place now and easier to digest. I’ve filed these clips in our Video Reviews section since it made the most sense. Enjoy Part Two “By The Lake”.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As previously noted I will not be adding additional commentary to these snippets but you can surely chime in down in the comments to let us know what you are thinking about them and if you are enjoying them. Keep it topical of course and to see any preceding clips just click onto THIS LINK to generate them all on a new tab

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