Nightwish Presents: “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” Part 15

Without spoiling episode fifteen at all, it’s a quick one and a glimpse at the day of album release where the band meets fan after fan after fan in Finland. Everyone looks so happy. Go watch below.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Congratulations Nightwish on the release of your brand-new album “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”. I’ve since heard a couple of more tracks and its wonderous, there is a link down below to which lets you purchase the album for a very nice price so do take advantage of that. At the close of this one, the narrator leads me to believe that we are down to the wire on these clips and with the upcoming tour hitting NYC in short order I guess that’s the case. These have been fun and if you’ve just decided to hit this website for some reason please remember to click onto THIS LINK so you can see all of the clips that came before.

Official Website:

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