Nightwish Presents: “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” Part 14

As we hit episode number 14 about Nightwish’s “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” album, we are watching the behind the scenes reception from the first press who got to hear it. Let’s watch.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: At the time of this writing I must admit that I have only heard a couple of tracks and essentially this is because I am waiting to get a full on official copy and that is not available yet. I cannot wait until I have the chance to blast this on my actual stereo and not listen in headphones from my computer (even though sometimes it does sound really good in this fashion). Do you like what you have heard from the new album yet if you have listened to a few tracks? A full review will come to the website as well once I get my copy. Remember to check out all of the other chapters by clicking on THIS LINK. It will open a list on a new browser tab.

Official Website:

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