New Year’s Music Resolutions For 2013: Part 7


“Happy New Year and Welcome Back!!!” Did you have a nice New Year’s Eve? Is your head still ringing like a fire bell? I will hope that it’s just a little bit of a headache and oh if you are wondering how the heck I am already up and at ’em and posting the first blog post ever for 2013 at this unholy hour wonder no more. I programmed it to go online yesterday afternoon (snicker). Ah the magic of technology. So let’s get right down to it and enjoy the continued “New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2013” from some musical greats.

1. Gogo Melone (Luna Obscura): If the world won’t destroy in December 21 which will be very odd because we already live in a destroyed world :)) then my New Year’s Music Resolution for 2013 will be to finish the recordings and everything for Luna Obscura’s new album plus my solo work “Black Silent Vision”. Both have very dark, emotional music and is the most mature stuff that we have ever write so it’s imperative need for us to share them with our fans. Let’s see 🙂

2. Stacey Blades (former L.A. Guns): Work smarter not harder. HA!!! Always be open to change. You never know where your music path will take you.

3. Francis Cassol (Scelerata): I hope the upcoming year is filled with great gigs and encouraging news for people in the music business. I hope the public gives more support to the bands and musicians. I hope people stop fighting among themselves over difference of opinions and have more respect for each other in social networks. I hope people start to really see the difference between real music, made with a true heart, from the artificial, disposable and fake music. For 2013 I wish for the acknowledgment of true heartfelt music and musicians! (Fabio Juan, Scelerata). Thanx for helping us spread the word about the band! All the best,

4. Clay Withrow (Vangough): My New Year’s Music Resolution is to listen to more genres outside of Rock or Metal.

5. Justin Reich (Vanisher): Honestly I want to live this coming year with no expectations. Just work harder than ever at what we do never looking back with any regrets. 2012 was a great formative year for VANISHER and we set a lot of things in motion for a busy 2013, can’t wait to see what happens!

6. Matt Moliti (Dark Empire): New Years Music Resolution, huh? I guess mine would be to continue to improve as a guitarist and songwriter, especially considering Dark Empire will be continuing to gig, including a huge show opening for Nile at BB Kings in NYC on March 10th, as well as plans to start writing a 4-5 song EP sometime in 2013!

7. Marten Andersson (Lizzy Borden/Lynch Mob): My Musical Resolution is to step out out of my comfort zone and work on all kinds of music. Practice and work even harder on new songs. There is so much more to be done! I also hope our country can learn how to compromise and get some crap done!

8. Randy Jackson (Zebra): My resolution is to listen to a wider variety of musical styles and broaden my musical vocabulary!!

9. Austin Dickinson (Rise To Remain): What Is Your New Year’s Music Resolution for 2013″
Definitely to stop swearing so much. Its gotten to the point now where if I wake up at 8 am, I’ll have said “fuck” by 8:02 am. So, I need to quit being so damn offensive. Its a hazard if you play in Florida, because you can’t swear on stage or some shit. Until 2013, you might wanna cover your ears.

10. John Gallagher (Raven): “To get back on the road, kick your ass & beat up more guitars!!!”

11. Andy Eichhorn (Prime Evil): My New Year’s Music Resolution is to be steadfast in my convictions and integrity. This attitude will enable me to rise above the negative influences that surround us and bring the METAL community together in a tighter scene. PRIME EVIL as a band will forge ahead with new music and mayhem, taking full advantage of our re-birth into 2013 and beyond! Hail!!

12. Rich Hinks (Aeon Zen): To conquer far off, majestic lands. Oh and release some great music and to produce more awesome bands too!

Now that is a great way to start the Metal Year of 2013, and while I still have a few more chapters to share with you, I want you readers and other bands who might be following our work to start thinking of your own “Music Resolution for 2013” or “Metal Resolution for 2013” because when we hit the final chapter I am going to ask you all to offer them up in our comments section. Not yet mind you, but in due time. I will see you tomorrow with the next installment.

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