New Year’s Music Resolutions For 2013: Part 3

Good morning to you dear readers of the PiercingMetal Blog, and welcome to our titanic third chapter in the “New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2013”. They say that the third time is the charm and I am good with that so let’s get right on down to business shall we. Proceed with interest more than any level of caution.

1. Keith Williams (Schism): My New Year’s Metolution: Be kind, be supportive, be happy, thankful, gracious & grateful…see more shows, perform better quality shows at quality venues, try and get paid what we’re worth perhaps?

2. David Ellefson (Megadeth): Play harder, play better!

3. Sam Roon (Hung): Thanks for including HUNG in this year’s festivities on Piercing Metal!!! I think for 2013 the entire Metal scene has a lot of work to do. The music industry has recognized the lack of support from the fans, and Ken, as someone who goes to every show in New York City, I’m sure you know all about the dwindling headcount. For 2013 my music resolution… or moreover, my musical mission, is to devote as much time as I possibly can to getting Metal in New York City back to the support strength that people from outside the area perceive us to have. It’s our responsibility to keep our scene alive, support the local bands around us, and to keep going to shows. Be a part of what’s happening. Twenty years from now when you look back at New York City at the time where you were a part of what was going on, you know you’ll want to be proud to have been a part of something. You were a part of a movement… a unique moment in time. The only way to achieve that feeling is to invest a little effort now, and THAT my friend, is my musical resolution for 2013. Thanks again for including HUNG and supporting the area Metal scene Ken. PiercingMetal has always been kind to the locals, and we respect you for it! For the readers, keep supporting this site and going to the shows in the calendar! Look for a new HUNG record early next year and SUPPORT LOCAL METAL!!! Happy fucking new year.

4. Jean Beauvoir (Solo Artist/Crown Of Thorns): Stay true to myself and do as much of what I enjoy as possible… Strive for and reach new goals… Record, perform and share my music around the world with old and new fans, work with people that I like and love and do my absolute best to keep everything that goes against my flow out of my life….

5. Steve Smyth (Lead Guitarist Forbidden/Nevermore,Testament/Dragonlord/The EssenEss Project): With 2012 slowly fading out, 2013 will see the establishment and debut release from my new band, called One Machine, featuring myself and ex members of Mercenary, Mnemic, Biomechanical and Chaoswave! Really excited and stoked to bring this out to the world! I am also working on 2 albums of instrumental music with my band The EssenEss Project, as well as continuing to work on various projects in area of education (private online lessons and college level teaching), as I have been doing throughout my entire performance and recording career. On a personal level, I will continue to persevere in keeping my continuing good health, learn and grow from the experiences of the past year, and get out and CRUSH with One Machine in 2013!

6. Don Jamieson (That Metal Show): My 2013 Musical Metal Resolution is to hopefully take ‘That Metal Show’ to the next level and help support even more bands in the New Year!

7. Faisal Talal (Acrassicauda): My New year’s Metal Resolution, It has been an Amazing past year for breaking all border’s that chain Musicians over the time in taking a step farther Forward to achieve their dreams and make sure their on the right side of Reality as well, Not losing balance of them self’s ofcaurs . After ACRASSICAUDA’s experience with the Big stages and Big crowds and specially at the Best Buy theater and Opening for MINISTRY on June 23rd 2012, it has been the Most amazing feeling that any of us ever had . The band has been bringing more and More idea’s of new songs and new releases, I Truly believe that 2013 is just gonna be Brilliant and a massive year of upcoming’s . And Still it has been an encouraging year to all of us in giving us hope and motive by first, Surviving a terrible Tragedy such as Hurricane Sandy, and Ofcaurs (WHAT DAOSN’T KILLS YA.. !!) . Sec, You can see NY city and how fast it can Recover .. And that’s my friend is a BIG inspiration to any of us . I Would say ( 2012 Thank you for everything, 2013 A NEW ERA OF METAL GENERATION IS READY TO RECRUIT . HAVE A SMASHING NEW YEAR EVERYONE .

8. Kiko Loureiro (Angra): Well, Compose an Angra Album in 2013

9. Karl Sanders (Nile): “ To Continue Making Killer Extreme Metal , and not give a fuck about anyone or anything standing in our way”

10. Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth): “My New Years Music Resolution is to make the most badass Iced Earth album to date. My brother’s in the band and I are completely committed to making this a reality. Our goal is 200 shows on the next world tour which will kick off in Fall, 2013, when the new album will be released. This freight train just keeps on moving, and we are having a blast! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to you all!”

11. Heidi Parviainen (Dark Sarah/former Amberian Dawn): Here are my musical resolutions for 2013! This year will start a whole new chapter in my musical life for shure. What it will bring, I don´t know yet, but I´m really hopeful. The year 2012 made a closure to the six years phase with Amberian Dawn and started a new one with Dark Sarah, my new musical project. The biggest resolution will be publicing two songs and a music video “Save me” in early 2013! With this package I will sail to the unknown and try to find a good label to start working with. I´m really looking forward to anything new that this year will bring to me. I´m also starting professional singing studies at the Concervatory of Helsinki so also more classical singing ahaid! Can´t wait! Hail 2013, here I come with a bunch of new ideas!!!

12. Angus Clark (Trans-Siberian Orchestra/Daredevil Squadron): I resolve to get an original song of mine world wide exposure either through licensing or by having it cut by a major recording artist.

Whew that was really a diverse batch of resolutions wasn’t it, and how awesome of Mr. Roon to give our humble enterprise some positive kudos in his own mission statement for 2013. It’s nice to be recognized for the efforts that is for sure, and his goal is a lofty one that I think ALL Metal fans can better aspire to. Let’s review that one some more in the eventual closing chapter. Stay tuned for when we do that, but right now you know the drill – it’s time to support these bands and their beliefs by hitting their websites or even Official Facebook pages. The power is in your hands. I will see you tomorrow with Chapter Four.

Official Websites:
John Beauvoir:
Don Jamieson:
Steve Smyth:
Iced Earth:
Dark Sarah:
Trans-Siberian Orchestra:
Daredevil Squadron:

PS: Dig into the 2012 Series HERE 🙂

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