Netflix Begins Showing “Jessica Jones” Teaser Clips

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Hopefully you have seen the incredible “Daredevil” show that aired exclusively on Netflix a few months ago and if not I suggest that you become a subscriber and get on point because that was only the first in a series of Marvel Cinematic Universe related shows that will only be able to be enjoyed via this medium. Well, until the video release of course but I digress. Trust me it was good and I have been eating this kind of stuff up for decades. The next show that will come to the service is “Jessica Jones” and it’s going to follow the adventures of a washed up, hard drinking, former super-heroine played by Krysten Ritter. Some might remember her from “Breaking Bad”. Anyway, earlier today Netflix began releasing “teasers” to the show and I’ve embedded the first one for you to enjoy.

“Jessica Jones” Teaser 1: “It’s Time”

“Jessica Jones” Teaser 2: “Good Morning” (online 9/26/2015) – As you can see I’ve decided to get these all into one post so pardon the edits but this is better than doing numerous posts for very short clips. I will be speaking to each in some sense way below so do stick with us.

“Jessica Jones” Teaser 3: “Nightcap” (online 9/30/2015)

“Jessica Jones” Teaser 4: “Evening Stroll” (online 10/6/2015)

“Jessica Jones” Teaser 5: “All In A Day’s Work” (online 10/8/2015)

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Let’s start from the beginning on these. The first one really doesn’t reveal too much so its kind of “meh” to me. Loved the second one because who doesn’t want to do that to the alarm clock every now and again. With teaser three we learn that she will surely be kicking some righteous booty during the show and how doesn’t love a little Joan Jett in that audio part. Four was the strongest for me since if you look up as she walked you see the Avengers tower in the way distance. I love when they cement in that all of these characters are in the same universe. With teaser five, being released on the same day as NY Comic Con opened up which was definitely not a coincidence, we get the super creepy voice of David Tennant who will be the series big bad The Purple Man. Now truth be told I know less than nothing about this particular character and am hoping that she is able to carry a show so it doesn’t slow the momentum built up by “Daredevil” (which is currently filming its own second season if I am hearing correctly). I know I will be giving it a chance and let’s hope for a more proper trailer to make itself known soon. Teasers are fine but tend to do nothing for me at the end of the day.

Official Show Wiki:

Here’s some comic book coolness that will assist in you learning more about the character. You’re welcome.

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