NBC Dons “The Cape” To Fight Crime & Injustice (1/9/2011)

I’ve touched upon my interest in the superhero side of the entertainment realm by mentioning about my almost lifelong appreciation for the comic book medium and the adventures of great heroes such as Spider-Man, Batman, Superman and The Fantastic Four to name a choice few. It was one of the main reasons that I enjoyed being a member of the press at the 2010 NY Comic Con & Anime Festival and all of this brings me to the reason for this particular posting. It seems as though NBC is taking a plunge into the heroic action-adventure line of programming once again by offering us a show called “The Cape”. The show poster is below.

Poster - The Cape TV Show

The premise is that of an honest cop who is framed by a villain known as Chess and is presumed dead after a one on one with said villain. The premier of the show ran the other night and the night that followed it so I am not going to apologize for the slight spoiler to the plot. Anyways, the cop survives the battle unbeknownst to his adversary or family and meets up with “The Carnival Of Crime” who take him in under their wing. From the leader of said Carnival, the cop receives a wondrous cape that is loaded with abilities and strengths of its own that when matched with a powerful and skilled physique, make for a hell of a super-hero. It sounds interesting to me so let’s hope that it takes. NBC was the home of “Heroes” which was quite popular before its cancellation in early 2010. I am still slowly making my way through the series from beginning to end on Netflix based on missing too many episodes when it initially ran. I did the same with “Lost” and find it so much easier to enjoy it this way, but I digress.

“The Cape” stars David Lyons as Vince Faraday/The Cape, Keith David as Max Malini, Ringleader of “The Carnival of Crime”, Summer Glau as Jamie Fleming/Orwell, James Frain as Peter Fleming/Chess, Jennifer Ferrin as Dana Faraday (née Thompson), Ryan Wynott as Trip Faraday, Dorian Missick as Marty Voyt, Martin Klebba as Rollo, Vinnie Jones as Dominic Raoul/Scales, Richard Schiff as Patrick Portman, Mather Zickel as Travis Hall, Izabella Miko as Raia, Anil Kumar as Ruvi, Elliott Gould as Samuel.
Poster - The Cape TV Show 2
“The Cape” airs on Mondays at 9pm EST. I will assume that should you miss the show or forget to program the DVR that you can catch them On Demand. Closing up I will admit that The Cape almost reminds me of The Shroud and just a little bit like Cloak and even Night Man and if you don’t know who any of those heroes are then I suggest you get to Wikipedia to look them up. That’s all I have for now. More soon.

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  1. Wow I had almost forgot that I wrote about this particular show and sadly it was cancelled after the one season. It is available on Netflix streaming and that is how I was able to enjoy it from beginning to end. It had some solid storytelling moments and it will not take too much time out of your week to enjoy it. Give it a shot.

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