Nazareth Singer Dan McCafferty Retires From Lineup

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We are saddened to report that Dan McCafferty, voice of the legendary Nazareth, has retired from the lineup due to ill health.


PiercingMetal Thoughts: I was fortunate enough to catch the band when they recently played B.B. King Blues Club with my good friend Pete Pardo from the Sea Of Tranquility site and while he sounded great we noticed an oxygen tank off to the side of the stage which is to help in his breathing as the singer suffers from COPD. Since that show the singer had collapsed on stage a couple of times and is reported to have had a stomach ulcer burst at a recent show in Canada. While it might disappoint his worldwide fans, this was clearly a smart decision even if it was a hard one. We wish him the best for good health.

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One thought on “Nazareth Singer Dan McCafferty Retires From Lineup”

  1. No way! I freakin’ love this guy! I knew he had some troubles after NYC but no idea his health was this bad.

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