“Naughty Christmas” (Single) by Lacuna Coil

Artist: Lacuna Coil
Title: “Naughty Christmas” (Single)
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 12/23/2016
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

I love Christmastime and I know that I’ve probably said that more than a few times in the past. My love of the holiday season is compounded with my love of that which is Metal and when a band decides to offer up their own seasonal track it’s something that I need to discuss with the readership. We’ve had terrific and often grandiose compositions from Trans-Siberian Orchestra but outside of the Twisted Sister Christmas and a few others, there are not too many bands taking this sort of plunge. Lucky for us that Lacuna Coil has worked out a promising Holiday Heaviness in the form of “Naughty Christmas” and here is the scoop on the number.

What starts with a seasonal and pleasant intro quickly turns into a whirlwind of crunching riffs and thunderous drums as Cristina and Andrea weave a tale of ominous happening for those children who have opted for naughty rather than nice. You see, while Santa comes to deliver the treats for the good, it’s the Krampus that pays a visit on the naughty and his plans are not too pleasant at the end of the day. Andrea acts as the singing voice of the Krampus and I loved it. There is a great dynamic between Cristina’s soaring register against Krampus’ I mean Andrea’s darker growls which is nothing new to the longtime Lacuna fan but works all the better in this fun number. It’s a heavy song as well for sure and the lyrical play is a lot of fun. If you are a fan of the band I think you should snag this while you can and if you are building a Heavy Holiday Playlist somewhere be sure to add this so your followers may enjoy. Thanks Lacuna Coil for a fun tune and “Buon Natale” from our house to yours.

Track Listing:
1. Naughty Christmas

Official Website: http://www.lacunacoil.it

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