“Mythmaker” by Skinny Puppy

Artist: Skinny Puppy
Title: “Mythmaker”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 1/30/2007
Genre: Industrial/Techno/Prog
Rating: 3/5

The time has come for Skinny Puppy to return and show the legions of believers why they were masters of the Industrial and Dark Techno world in which they walked for so long. One does not have to be well-schooled in the bands history to find this to be an intense display of angry moods and the technological as they once again meet and form complex but yet hypnotic patterns as only this band can deliver. Lead Singer Ogre does not fail to disappoint and he continues to delve into the experimental nature that the group never feared to adventure into. At times he sounds as mechanical as the drums and keyboard patterns that run across this release – as opening track “Magnifishit” begins you would feel as though your computer was performing for you. This is the kind of stuff that fans of Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode and even some traces of Nine Inch Nails would most appreciate and for a band that has been around for about 25 years they still can dole out something interesting that non-fans can enjoy as well.

Personally, I never followed this kind of stuff but can still see how it generated such interest in this genre. The ever-growing Darkwave style would definitely embrace this return of the band who with “Mythmaker” are being lauded as delivering one of their best albums in their career. Those seeking the older style might not like this one but remember that time changes for most musical groups so why should SP find themselves being exempt from that. Their influence has been felt for years and is heard in the music of many Industrial and Darkwave groups more often than it is not. While this is something their older fans will like a lot, it is safe to say that new fans can safely experiment in what the band offers.

Track Listing:
1. Magnifishit
2. Dal
3. Haze
4. Pedafly
5. Jaher
6. Politikil
7. Lestiduz
8. Pasturn
9. Ambiantz
10. Ugli

Official Website: http://www.skinnypuppy.com

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