“Music With Impact” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Music With Impact”
Label: Regain Records
Release Date: 2/12/2007
Genre: Death Metal/Black Metal
Rating: 2.5/5

Regain Records was founded in Sweden back in 1997 and formed out the ashes from the defunct Wrong Again Records. The old label helped get the music of Arch Enemy, In Flames and many others to the Metal community when these bands were very early in their careers and probably wouldn’t have been given a proper chance otherwise. This DVD presents a number of the bands on the labels roster from these early years and considering who that actually was provides a worthy historical look back into the beginnings of some of today’s favorites. Among the powerhouses featured on this DVD is most notably Behemoth, a band who has not only broken down the walls but instead has totally annihilated them in their quest for dominance over the Blackened Death Metal genre. Marduk and Dark Funeral follow suit presenting their unique brand of Black Metal while bands like Sahg and Bronx Casket Company mix things up by showcasing the Doom and Gothic Hard Rock side. I considered this DVD more of a showcase about where the label has been as opposed to where it is going but with these groups keeping a healthy back catalog of releases for the world to enjoy I would say that the future will be a good one. Though there isn’t any of their material present on this DVD, Regain Records recently delivered the remastered early works of Extreme Black Metal kings Gorgoroth and have done the same with Marduk, who only have one track represented here. Regain Records looks like the place to get some superb examples of Black Metal from so make sure you check them out when you do your CD and DVD shopping.

Track Listing:
1. Sahg – “Godless Faith”
2. Behemoth – “Conquer All”
3. Dimension Zero – “Immaculate”
4. Arch Enemy – “Bury Me An Angel”
5. Embraced – “Princess Of Twilight”
6. Deranged – “Eroti(kill)
7. Defleshed – “Grind & Rewind”
8. Bronx Casket Company – “Little Dead Girl”
9. Samael – “Telepath”
10. Vader – “This Is The War”
11. Vader – “Helleluyah!!! (God Is Dead)”
12. Marduk – “Throne Of Rats”
13. Tenebre – “Mistress Of The Dark”
14. Behemoth – “Slaves Shall Serve”
15. Totalt Javla Morker – “Kall Varlo”
16. Nightmare – “A Taste Of Armageddon”
17. Death S – “Give Em Hell”
18. Dark Funeral – “Atrum Regina”
19. Dismember – “Trail Of The Dead”
20. Ragnarok – “Blackdoor Miracle”
21. Necrophobic – “Blinded By Light”
22. Mustasch – “Parasite”
23. Sagantanas Reign – “Come Greet Me Crawler”

Official Website: www.regainrecords.com

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