“Music For The Recently Deceased” by I Killed The Prom Queen

Artist: I Killed The Prom Queen
Title: “Music For The Recently Deceased”
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 11/14/2006
Genre: Melodic Metalcore
Rating: 4/5

I Killed The Prom Queen join into the recent crop of Melodic Metalcore groups with an album that surely is a “take no prisoners” piece of Metal. Aside from bearing one of the cooler and more interesting names in Metaldom, these Adelaide Australia natives are taking no prisoners with their new album “Music For The Recently Departed”. They are a group that runs in the similar style of bands like All That Remains and Burn In Silence so if you enjoy those groups then you can add IKTPQ to your collection as well. There are some similarities in the three but also the differences that allow for enjoyment of each band on their own. IKTPQ manages to perfectly take the aggression of Metalcore and its razor sharp guitar riffing and thundering drums then add in the clean vocals on top of the dark ones. The mixture ends up making songs like the track “Say Goodbye” one of the instant winners on the album and pretty much my favorite track. Those that are looking to stomp should not worry about the melody making the album lose any of its impact on their senses as there is also plenty of circle pit inspiration which can be found on tracks like “Bet It All On Black”. These and “Your Shirt Would Look Better With A Columbian Neck Tie” will remind you of the fact that this is a powerful Metal band at fact very quickly. The group is comprised of Edward Butcher (vocals), Jona Weinhoffen (guitars, clean vocals, keyboard), Kevin Cameron (guitar), Sean Kennedy (bass) and JJ Peters (drums). The band signed their deal with Metal Blade Records for their second album and if this is what they deliver to the fans of Heavy music then we are in store for some great things from this band. It’s a great recording from a group that has some sure fire promise.

Track Listing:
1. Sharks In Your Mouth
2. Say Goodbye
3. E666
4. Your Shirt Would Look Better With A Columbian Neck Tie
5. The Deepest Sleep
6. Bet It All On Black
7. Headfirst From A Hangman’s Noose
8. Sleepless Nights And City Lights
9. Slain Upon My Faithful Sword
10. Like Nails To A Casket
11. There Will Be No Violins When You Die

Official Website: www.ikilledthepromqueen.com

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