“Munki Brain” by The Queers

Artist: The Queers
Title: “Munki Brain”
Label: Asian Man
Release Date: February 6, 2007
Genre: Punk
Rating: 4/5

If you’d consider yourself a garden-variety metalhead, the Queers may not be what you’re looking for but they’re certainly a hell of a lot of fun. Ostensibly a punk band, they wear their heavy surf and Ramones influence flagrantly on their sleeves, serving up latter day, lighthearted twang charmers that are even suitable for your little ones to rock out to. (I played this for my adorable three-year-old niece, Cleonir-Rose, and she loved it, although her mom balked at the one dropping of an “F-bomb” that I’d forgotten about. Yeah, forgotten…)

Answering the question “What if the Surf Punks actually had talent?” this fifteenth release by the Queers amiably romps from track to track with nary a brain in its head, a happy village idiot whose sole concern is keeping it tight and light. “Houston We Have A Problem,” “I Don’t Get It,” and the ode to real-life surfing god Duke Kahanamoku will have you bopping about with a smile on your face, while “I Think She’s Starting To Like Me” and “I Can’t Stay Mad At You” evoke the Beach Boys-style love songs of a far more innocent era. This one isn’t for everybody, but it’s a fun change of pace for those of us who enshrine the hard stuff.

Track Listing:
1. Overdue
2. Houston We Have A Problem
3. I Don’t Get It
4. Duke Kahanamoku
5. I Think She’s Starting To Like Me
6. Girl About Town
7. Whatever Happened To Philthy Phil?
8. I Can’t Stay Mad At You
9. Tangerine
10. Something In My Heart
11. I’m A Fool
12. Monkey In A Suit
13. Brian Wilson

Official Website: http://www.thequeersrock.com

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