“Motor City Resurrection” (remaster) by The 69 Eyes

Artist: The 69 Eyes
Title: “Motor City Resurrection” (remaster)
Label: Cleopatra Records
Release Date: 4/3/20075
Genre: Glam Rock/Punk
Rating: 8/10

If you have only recently heard the music of The 69 Eyes and are enjoying their brand of Dark Gothic Rock & Roll, then this CD serves as almost the origin issue to their identity as a band. Reading interviews that have been conducted with lead singer Jyrki69 you will find a man whose band and sound are very influenced by early New York City Punk and the scene that surrounded it. This collection of band classics comes from a time before they adopted the Helsinki Vampire motif and if you were a fan of the sleazy Motley Crue and Pretty Boy Floyd sound you would find a lot in common with the stuff these guys were doing in the beginning. I admit that I found quite a few of the songs to be fun such as “Mrs. Sleazy” and “Stop Bitching!’” but the greatest appeal to me on this CD was the inclusion of all the covers that the band did. Hearing their respectful renditions of classics by KISS, The MC5, Glenn Danzig, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, The Dictators & The New York Dolls just truly painted the picture as to what exactly inspired this band. From this part of the collection I really loved the take on “Deuce” that was here since it is so dead-on. A good job is done on the Iggy tune “TV Eye” and the Dolls “Vietnamese Baby” also. As a New Yorker, I was particularly impressed in how influential this group thought my city and its early Punk scene was to their music. The album was originally released in 1994 and until recently only available as an import.

The CD runs 22 tracks and really doesn’t disappoint based on what it is out to do; it gives you a healthy dose of their early sound and a lot of their influences as performed by the band themselves. The bands love of horror movies is given some homage as a couple of the tunes have lead ins from classic Sci-Fi and Horror flicks. The bands sound has grown darker over the last few years and their audience is still growing and finding them less a Glam band but now a full fledged Gothic Rock and Roll act. The booklet has a lot of lyrics and photos from which you will be able to see the transformation from how they looked more Glam to how they appear now more Gothic decked in leathers. It’s a lot of rocking fun – so “stop bitching!” and give this one a chance. There is no place to hide with The 69 Eyes watching you.

Thanks to the folks at Cleopatra Records a wider amount of listeners can now get their hands on The 69 Eyes extensive back catalog. Fans have some serious orders to place as a result of this deal.

Track List:
1. Discipline
2. Deuce
3. Mrs. Sleazy
4. Hot Butterfly
5. Sugerman
6. Stop Bitching!
7. Barbarella
8. Gimme Some Skin
9. Juicy Lucy
10. The Hills Have Eyes
11. Too Itching For Action
12. No Hesitation
13. Alive
14. Gimme Some Head
15. One-Shot Woman
16. TV Eye
17. Motormouth
18. Return Of The Fly
19. Is It My Body
20. Call Me Animal
21. Vietnamese Baby
22. Science Gone Too Far

Official Web site: www.69Eyes.com

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