“Motor City Mayhem” by Ted Nugent

Artist: Ted Nugent
Title: “Motor City Mayhem”
Label: Eagle Records
Release Date: 6/30/2009
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

I love Uncle Ted as much as the next guy but I am wondering if we really needed yet another live concert album to be the follow up to his last release which was of course another live recording called “Sweden Rocks”. I am starting to think that Uncle Ted is vying for the record that is currently held by KISS and Iron Maiden in terms of live concert releases because at this rate he is really coming close. That being said, the July 4th 2008 concert that is presented here on two CD’s is actually a special one because it marks Uncle Ted’s 6000th show according to his calculations. Anyone whose ever listened to a live Nugent album knows full well that they are a hoot in terms of their entertaining banter and often a kick ass time in terms of the music that’s being executed. Ted is a legend and while I am wondering how he managed to keep track of 6000 shows, I surely think he deserves kudos for always striving to give the audience his best.

The outspoken guitarist delivers this rousing release with the help of “Wild” Mick Brown on drums and Greg Smith on bass. The last time around for “Sweden Rocks”, the bass was handled by Barry Sparks who along with Brown also do double duty in Dokken. Don’t worry though, Greg Smith is a great bass player as well and really holds the rhythm section of the band in place while our favorite uncle does his thing with both a focused and reckless abandon. Ted talks up a storm as one would normally expect during his shows and as a result this comes with a “Parental Advisory” sticker for you younger fans whose ears are not used to such banter. Of course, Ted talks at a three mile a minute pace and it will be really hard to catch the expletives unless you are really listening for them. Marking the special nature of the show Mr. Nugent has assembled a worthy list of guest stars which begins with his own guitar instructor Joe Podorsek whom he plays “Honky Tonk” with. We’re also treated to the drumming expertise of Johnny “Bee” Badanjek from Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels for “Jenny Take A Ride” and as an immediate blast to his own storied past we find the reunion of Ted and guitarist Derek St. Holmes who does three numbers alongside him once again. The full show is a cornucopia of classic Nuge and also some of his more recent stuff from albums like “Love Grenade” but the core of it comes from the classics of yore.

This is of course coming out on a full concert DVD film and that’s what makes owning the CD something solely for the Nugent maniacs who have to own every single release for their library. The casual fan might enjoy this had they no other live recordings from the guitarist but if you are one of those who must decide between CD or DVD I would lean personally toward to film since the reunions and guest stars are so much more fun when seen rather than only heard. One day I hope that Eagle Rock will come to their senses and include these CD’s as the bonus content for the DVD releases. We are in tough economic times and music is not suffering any less as a result. Congrats on show #6000 Uncle Ted, may you have another 6000 to look forward to.

Track Listing:
1. Ted Nugent Intro
2. Star Spangled Banner
3. Motor City Madhouse
4. Wango Tango
5. Free For All
6. Stormtroopin’
7. Dog Eat Dog
8. Need You Bad
9. Weekend Warrior
10. Love Grenade
11. Honky Tonk
12. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
13. Bo Diddley/Lay With Me
14. Baby Please Don’t Go
15. Geronimo And Me
16. Jenny Take A Ride
17. Soul Man
18. Hey Baby
19. Cat Scratch Fever
20. Stranglehold
21. Great White Buffalo
22. Fred Bear
23. Outro

Official Website: http://www.tednugent.com

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