“Moth Into Flame” (Single) by Metallica

Artist: Metallica
Title: “Moth Into Flame” (Single)
Label: Blackened Recordings
Release Date: 9/26/2016
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

Just the other day the mighty Metallica unveiled a second track from their upcoming album “Hardwired To Self-Destruct” and this number follows the “Hardwired” single that had hit us in August. That song was discussed HERE and now its time to discuss the latest offering. Would it strike us as hard as the first single or was Metallica going to disappoint with the follow up? Well my Metal Legions I am happy to announce that this tune is even better than the first offering. Let’s review.

With “Hardwired” we got a righteous thrashing and with “Moth Into Flame” there is a whole lot more melody and the kind of one that reminds us just how good Metallica are as musicians. Sure they can thrash like nobody’s business but this one is rife with technique as well and that makes it an incredible second taste of what sounds to be a great new album. The riffing is slow and steady at times but it’s still going to work that circle pit into a frenzy in the live sense. It speeds up around the number which is necessary since it acts as the crescendo for me and James sounds fantastic during the vocal track. This one will surely be a concert highlight.

I’ll close up here since it’s the sole number being talked upon. Perhaps they will offer up a third tune before we see the album’s release. “Hardwired To Self-Destruct” hits the shelves on November 18th on the bands own Blackened Recordings..

Track Listing:
1. Moth Into Flame

Official Website: http://www.metallica.com

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