Mike Portnoy Is Leaving The Adrenaline Mob!!!

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Wow. According to his own Official Facebook page, it seems as though master drummer Mike Portnoy is leaving the Adrenaline Mob after some upcoming appearances and I have to admit that I didn’t see this one coming. Please stop shaking your head at me because you know you didn’t expect this one either. Mike’s statement follows the photograph that I took in 2012.

Mike Portnoy w/Adrenaline Mob (2012)

It saddens me to announce that the 4 upcoming shows in Latin America this month supporting Halestorm will be my last with Adrenaline Mob. Unfortunately, I have scheduling conflicts that prevent me from being able to fully commit to the band’s future activities at the moment. As I cannot be in two places at the same time, I don’t want to hold them back and have to wait for my schedule to re-open up to resume activity. I’m very proud of what we started together and the music we made over the past two years and I wish the guys all the best in the future. Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy w/Adrenaline Mob (2013)

It’s clear that Portnoy has a lot of projects under his belt that we are all aware of and I find it amusing how I had seen three different shows where Mike was the drummer for each band. I am speaking of Adrenaline Mob, PSMS, and Flying Colors of course. His newest thing is The Winery Dogs with Billy Sheehan and Richie Kotzen (which I still need to hear more of) and who knows how many more he has ready to present us with. Each is a very different and interesting project in its own right but I had to admit that I will miss him being a part of the Adrenaline Mob. I’d like to assume that if you are a fan of the drummer man that you had already seen them in action and can hence agree with my statement about their being one of the most exciting live bands currently out there. If not. Oh well. They will likely remain as such but it will be rather different without Mike back there. I’ll miss that.

Mike Portnoy w/Adrenaline Mob (2012)

I’m not going to complain of course and instead wish Mike the very best of luck in handling all of the many tasks that he has on his plate and I look forward to seeing him onstage again very soon. I do wonder what a lot of you diehards feel about this and have left the comments open for you to discuss. Let’s hear you.

Official Websites:
Mike Portnoy: http://www.mikeportnoy.com
Adrenaline Mob: http://www.adrenalinemob.com
The Winery Dogs: https://www.facebook.com/TheWineryDogs
Flying Colors: http://flyingcolorsmusic.com/band/

Mike’s drumming can be found on all of these exciting releases. Check them out….

4 thoughts on “Mike Portnoy Is Leaving The Adrenaline Mob!!!”

  1. I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t really like this project. It just lacked something. It seemed…uninspired. I do, however, LOVE Flying Colors and Transatlantic which are both working on new material.

  2. I’m sad that this band didn’t work out for MP. I’ve been to 11 of their shows, and have always loved them. I think that people need to stop attacking Portnoy about it though. He has made it very clear that he plans to and is exploring a lot of musical opportunities. I’m excited to see The Winery Dogs, and anything else he does. I love all of his projects. I wish the absolute best to MP, RA, MO, and JM.

  3. Best live band out there and still will be without MP. Lovehis drumming, but no bigger commitment-phobe in all of rock. Pick a band or be honest up front that you are doing session work until something “better” comes around. The fans love all his music, but who can get attached to a band if he treats them all as “projects”?

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