“Mezmerize” by System Of A Down

Artist: System Of A Down
Title: “Mezmerize”
Label: American Records
Release Date: 5/17/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

The newest release by System Of A Down is quite impressive. You might be asking how much so well for starters I was never more than a casual fan of this band. I found some stuff just OK to me, never appealed or really enjoyed the earlier releases. However once I placed “Mezmerize” in the CD player I was floored by the production and delivery of the piece. As a matter of fact I am on listen three and am clearly heading for listen four. Overall this piece is explosive Metal and is also a lot of fun to listen to. The piece begins with a slow harmony laden “Soldier Side”, and once “B.Y.O.B.” kicks in your head will be banging. There are a lot of expletives in the CD, and while I am not a fan of censoring music or Artists I do think younger listeners should run this one by their folks first.

My favored tracks are clearly not radio material and I will be honest with you conventional radio no longer matters to me. I feel with Satellite, Internet and Cable radio feeds that play Metal music and don’t edit or bleep certain aspects of the track will help to keep this piece in the public eye. “Cigaro” is an interesting piece that shows how powerful the musicianship is in SOAD. Beginning like a Death Metal song it jumps into a totally different feel with some terribly funny lines. I laughed out loud when it ran. “Violent Pornography” is similar in its suggestive content but shows a side of these players that prove not only are they skilled but also capable of delivering humor in their content. You might hear “B.Y.O.B.” on the radio but it will get bleeped. Tracks like “Sad Statue” and “Radio/Video” are more “Air-Friendly” and perhaps gain these guys some chart position.

Malakian, Tankian, Doadjian, and Dolmayan have succeeded in converting me to their sound. Many interesting vocal harmonies are present and while one review listed them as the heavy metal version of Queen, I tend to disagree on that. There is something special in the band and is easy to find with this CD. “Mezmerize” will have a companion piece released sometime at the end of the Summer showing that the group had enough material to give their fans as much as possible. I totally recommend this piece.

Track Listing:
1. Soldier Side – Intro
2. B.Y.O.B.
3. Revenga
4. Cigaro
5. Radio/Video
6. This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I’m On This Song
7. Violent Pornography
8. Question!
9. Sad Statue
10. Old School Hollywood
11. Lost In Hollywood

Official Website: www.SystemOfADown.com

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