Metallica’s “Orion Fest” 2013 Lineup Is Announced……

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If you are a diehard fan of the mighty Metallica then you are very likely jumping out of your skin as the news about their second go round of the “Orion Fest” gets to the announcing of the full lineup. Before I get to that roster, its important to know that this year’s happening will be held at Belle Isle in Detroit MI. You might remember that in 2012 it was in Atlantic City, NJ. so for our East Coast Metro Area readers, it means you got some travelling to do if you wish to attend.

Since it’s inception, Metallica has offered this up as a “Music and More” Festival and held to the premise of it offering not only bands that they themselves liked but also art exhibits, specialty booths and other cultural things. Almost like the bands own version of what Lalapalooza was all about during its initial heyday. So let’s get down to the facts……

Full Lineup: Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against, Deftones, Bassnectar, Dropkick Murphys, Gogol Bordello, FLAG, Silversun Pickups, Foals, Tomahawk, Destroid, The Joy Formidable, Datsik, Borgore, Japandroids, Dillon Francis, Adventure Club, 12th Planet, Death Grips, The Dillinger Escape Plan, DirtyPhonics, The Dirtbombs, DEATH, Fu Manchu, The Bronx, FIDLAR, The Orwells, Battlecross, All Shall Perish and Cauldron…..Metallica will headline both nights but I am right now unaware as to whether the RHCP will do the same. I am thinking that we might get Deftones one night or maybe it will be another of the surprising non-Metal groups like we found Modest Mouse opening one night the last time around. Since this was just announced today I guess its the full lineup but who knows if other bands will jump on as well. Perhaps we shall be lucky or not too much depending on your viewpoint of the whole shebang.

So Who’s Bringing The Metal From This Roster?: Well, obviously Metallica is for the most part and like I mentioned already will be performing the closing set on each night. The Heavy Side of Music will be brought to life at the festival by the likes of All Shall Perish, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Deftones, The Bronx, Cauldron and Tomahawk. Last year Metallica performed complete sets of “Ride The Lightning” and “The Black Album” on the consecutive nights with peppered in select numbers.

Let There Be Non-Metal: Just like the last go round there are a whole bevy of non-Metal performers to enjoy and they are heralded by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dropkick Murphy’s, Gogol Bordello, Rise Against, Bassnectar, The Joy Formidable, FLAG, Silversun Pickups, Foals, Destroid, Datsik, Borgore, Japandroids, Dillon Francis, Adventure Club, 12th Planet, Death Grips, Dirty Phonics, The Dirtbombs, FIDLAR, The Orwells and Death. Now in case you were wondering, this Death that is performing is not a Metal band at all and is instead some kind of Reggae act and Flag is a non-Rollins participating Black Flag reunion band. Sheesh.

In 2012 the Festival found some stir among the most ardent of Metal Fans by including acts like Volbeat, Ghost, Sepultura and Avenged Sevenfold and I can honestly say that I think this year’s go round will stir up even more controversy based on the choices but we have to remember that Metallica themselves have on their own respective iPods and that they enjoy. This is their chance to let us enjoy what they find exceptional.

My Thoughts? Personally I am not too thrilled about the choices of the Metal acts because they are groups that I can see at almost any given time here in NYC or close by. I would have loved some knock me out of the park surprises and honestly of the non-Metal acts I only know about eight of them and only would be interested in seeing six of that actual number.  I’ve never seen Deftones before and most of my friends are insane about them and perhaps this Tomahawk project with Faith No More’s Mike Patton would be interesting but I would rather see FNM do a set.  One has to wonder if Metallica will do two complete album presentations again and perhaps offer fans “Master Of Puppets” or “And Justice For All” to sate the palate or further themselves away from those hardcore legions by delivering “St. Anger” and “Load”. Feel free to let me know your thoughts about this in the comments section, I would love to hear what our readers think about it.

So as mentioned, this year’s event is in Detroit and it will run on June 8th and 9th. You can purchase tickets HERE. Two days will set you back about $150 before travel and lodging so maybe get a whole mess of Metal heads in a rental van or something (just be careful if you do that).

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2 thoughts on “Metallica’s “Orion Fest” 2013 Lineup Is Announced……”

  1. This is too much of a mixed bag of nuts for me. Don’t want to stand up all day listening to a bunch of non-metal bands just to see one or two semi-metal bands in between

  2. My thoughts on this festival !

    The band know as Metallica or Alternica as i refer to them will continue to piss on and off the Metal faithful . this festival is given proof that they have lost all touch with the genre that made them famous!

    Lars Ulrich stated at last years festival that they originally wanted to be the only Metal band on it. A reporter mentioned that they would have the power to create the biggest Metal on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Lars replied that would be so boring. He also compared Orion to a European festival. In Europe most of the fests feature everything from classic rock acts to all Metal genres . obliviously that concept is way too cool for James and Lars. They would rather create the most non Metal atmosphere they could configure.

    Let’s face it these guys have not recorded a relevant Thrash Metal record in over 23 years. Producer Rick Rubin forced them to break out and listen to Metal albums before recording “Death Magnetic”. and since the bands playing this festival are the bands that they are influenced by . I have a strong feeling that we will never see another. Please remove “Metal” from your name guys “lica” sounds better Plus it fits with your new image better!

    and really a Reggae band named Death on this lineup?

    my humble opinion !

    SK; Rock Fantasy Concert & Smoke Shop Middletown NY

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