Metallica’s “Hot New” Festival Announcement

Since I’ve started to try and use the PiercingMetal Musings blog to showcase some of the larger tour news, this recent event was an absolutely must discuss with you as I was super curious what you all thought about the news. Here we go.

The other day the press release came out which announced that the one and only Metallica would be headlining a festival of their own creation with the people of C3 Presents and this would go under the moniker of “Orion Music Festival and More”. The music part is pretty self explanatory but the “and more” is apparently slated for the aspect of “lifestyle and arts”. The press release stated that Metallica would of course headline both nights of this two-day festival and across the span of the nights would perform “Ride The Lightning” and “The Black Album” in their entirety.

The event is technically a one time only affair over the course of two nights and shall take place on Bader Field in Atlantic City, NJ. The dates are June 23, and 24th so hopefully it will be a nice Summer day close to the beach so fans can enjoy that as well. The roster of bands performing at the inaugural festival are listed below and I have to admit that it sounds a little strange.

Arctic Monkeys
Avenged Sevenfold
Modest Mouse
The Gaslight Anthem
Cage The Elephant
Fucked Up
Best Coast
Hot Snakes
Titus Andronicus
Gary Clark, Jr.
Roky Erickson
The Black Angels
The Sword
A Place to Bury Strangers

So what do you think? Any issues with the selection of groups. When I look at them all in a row I think that the only bands that hold any appeal to me are Avenged Sevenfold and The Sword (outside of Metallica of course). The rest might be good but I have never followed any of them nor really have an interest in dealing with a full day affair to see for the hefty price of the ticket. The show looks to set fans back about $175 for General Admission for the two days. When speaking of the lineup roster drummer Lars Ulrich compared it to looking at each band members Ipods based on the overall diversity and while that is an interesting premise, I don’t think that the traditional Metal head is looking for diversity as much as they are looking for a kick ass Metal show. There are so many starving acts out there as well as groups that only 25% of the people are aware of thanks to the limited exposure. Something like this could have found Metallica being the heralds of a new generations Ozzfest. Clearly Europe has us beat to a pulp when it comes to Festival rosters. Now I realize that I must sound closed minded in this viewpoint but come on, a band like Gaslight Anthem and Modest Mouse while interesting to some should not be on a festival under Metallica more than lets say a Firewind or Sonata Arctica. There are dozens more I can name but I don’t really want to get myself mad. Even at its worst it was always great that Ozzfest was a Heavy Metal event. Maybe Metallica should have done a fan poll to see who they wanted.

I would love to know what you all think of this so please speak up in the comments section.

Orion Music Festival:

2 thoughts on “Metallica’s “Hot New” Festival Announcement”

  1. This has got to be the worst festival yet! They compared this to a European Festival? A European Festival would have had bands from all the Metal genres.

    Metallica continue to alienate their fan base. First the arrival of “Lulu”. Then a festival without a Metal pulse. Metallica are truly showing that they have turned their backs on the Metal community. Now we know how soft their personal musical preferences have become! It’s a cryin shame that the word Metal is even in their name anymore! I would not support this even with free admission.

  2. It clearly shows how Metallica Band Members CAN choose their opening Bands not record Companies as they have done for a longer time now. It’s a two-sided coin; you can always say you played as opening band for the mighty M BUT If you happen to be in one of those bands take it easy; you wont be able to bring ANY guests unless you buy them a ticket. There is no Guest Lists. Why? Simply because M doesn’t need Opening bands as they’re the biggest band of its genre (whatever it might be in 2012) The Big 4 Concerts were pretty much the same way even though much closer to the METAL than this Orion Music Festival.on Big 4 Tour Metallica would have sold out the venues/stadiums without any of the opening bands. That Tour should have been called Big 1, 1 Medium & 2 Small Tour but that’s another issue.PS:
    In 2013 Metallica will probably make a collaboration with BJORK or Lady Gaga.

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