Metallica TV Presents: “Now That We’re Dead” (Official Video)

Logo - Metallica

I’m up to the seventh video released by Metallica for the forthcoming album “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct”. This is the fourth video released in a row when the band started presenting them on numerous websites around the world. The first three clips were released over the last three months but they are here to enjoy as well. I’ve been taking the time to get all of them to your screen with some quick notations and this one comes care of Herring and Herring. Take a look.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: While I liked the song this video didn’t do much for me (sorry gang) as its mostly a performance clip with some effects on the visuals of the guys doing their craft. We do see the album cover in one part of the clip which was cool but that was about it for me. That’s all I got for this one so I wonder what you thought about it. Perhaps it struck you a little deeper than it did for me. If so let me know.

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