Metallica TV Presents: “Lords Of Summer” (Official Video)

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Looks like you’ve made it safe and sound my friends because we have arrived at the final video clip from Metallica’s newest album “Hardwired To Self-Destruct” and wow what an undertaking this has been. I’’ll admit that when I started this groups of posts I debated whether or not to continually append a single post with each new video against a unique post for each and every video. I obviously decided on the latter and am glad that we’re done because I see the Metallica logo when I close my eyes at this point. The final clip is for the song “Lords Of Summer” and it was directed by Brett Murray. Take a look below.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: This clip is the perfect closing video since it shows the mighty Metallica in the environment that they know so well and that is the live concert stage. It’s here that we get a close-up look at the excitement that is to be found at one of their shows and how well they interact with each other and the assembled masses. It’s amazing that Metallica undertook such a video effort for their fans for this new body of work and they are to be applauded for giving us all something worthy to enjoy and watch again and again. I can only hope that we get all of these thirteen clips on a DVD or Blu-ray disc sooner than later. Thanks for sticking with me for all of these posts. Now, let’s start the countdown to the brand new album which happens at midnight. We only have a few more hours to go.

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