Metallica TV Presents: “Confusion” (Official Video)

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We’re up to number five in terms of overall videos from the upcoming “Hardwired…To Self- Destruct” album by Metallica that will officially hit the streets tomorrow and as we’ve already documented, the band is delivering a video for every single song on the release. Whew. That is a herculean effort and one that is keeping websites like this one very on point with the bands movements. This is the clip for “Confusion” which was directed by Claire Marie Vogel. Dig in.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Though I’m keeping my views on the songs for the album overview that will be coming soon I did like this number. It’s not a superfast one but worked out very well. In the clip we are witnessing some of the terrible effects of the Armed Service and watch a soldier going through some very serious PTSD after being in active combat. We see said soldier breaking down a bit in her after enlistment job and it’s hard to watch this happening since no normal citizen can hope to understand just how hard protecting our freedoms can be. Nice work on the visuals Claire and let’s hope it raises awareness. Readers can share what they felt about this one as always in the comments. I’ll return soon enough with the next installment. Now we are cooking with gas.

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