Metal Mind Productions Celebrates 25 Years On The Music Market

As steams towards its own eighth year of online time, its great to learn that a resource we work with regularly is having a milestone anniversary of its own. Yes my friends, the folks at Metal Mind Productions have reached their 25th Year of working in the music industry and here is their press release on the matter.

metal mind productions

The Press Release:
Metal Mind Productions is active on the Polish market since 1988. Our company can be found among the leaders of the independent music industry in Poland, we are also the oldest concert agency in our country. Metal Mind Productions was founded by the late Tomasz Dziubinski who turned a one-man endeavor into the successful enterprise that we are today. Metal Mind Productions’ team are all music enthusiasts who love their work. Our passion combined with experience and huge commitment is what makes us an extraordinary group of people who work hard to contribute to Metal Mind’s achievements.

During the 25 years of our activity, Metal Mind Productions organized over 1000 shows, sold over 10 million records, 1000 licenses and worked with the biggest record labels in the world. We paved the way for metal music in Poland organizing the legendary “Monsters of Rock” show and all “Metalmania” festivals. We are the publishers of the Polish edition of Metal Hammer, the oldest music magazine in Poland. For us, the last 25 years were full of wonderful memories and unforgettable experiences…

This year marks our 25th Anniversary and we are proud to present to you our company’s profile along with our most prominent achievements and successes.

Over the years Metal Mind Productions organized over 1,000 shows. We were involved in local production of many stadium shows, including Tina Turner, U2, Jose Carreras & Monserat Cabballe, Aerosmith and UB40. Solely as MMP we brought the following artists to Poland: : Jean Michel Jarre, Deep Purple, Placido Domingo, Black Sabbath, Slash, Chris Rea, Judas Priest, Faith No More, Serj Tankian, Chris De Burgh, YES, Korn, Tool, Type O Negative, Shakin Stevens, Whitesnake, Marillion, Soulfly, Gordon Haskell, Jon Anderson, Thin Lizzy, Papa Roach, Accept, Opeth, The Australian Pink Floyd Show, Disturbed, Black Label Society, Heaven and Hell and more!

METALMANIA: Metal Mind is known for organizing one of the biggest metal festivals in Eastern Europe – Metalmania – which had its 20th anniversary in 2006. Over the years the festival featured top names in the metal genre, including Megadeth, Testament, Paradise Lost, Sepultura, Cradle of Filth, Soulfly, Morbid Angel, Overkill, Dillinger Escape Plan and more.

MONSTERS of ROCK: We were proud to organize the memorable Monsters of Rock show in 1991 which featured AC/DC, Metallica and Queensryche, and gathered over 35 000 fans!

METAL HAMMER FESTIVAL: All editions of Metal Hammer Festival in Poland were also organized by MMP. The headliners since 2005 included Korn, Opeth, Tool and Judas Priest.

Metal Mind Productions’ catalog features albums by top Polish and worldwide rock and metal artists. As an independent record label we sold over 10 million CDs and over 1000 licenses! Over the years we contributed to several successful releases.

Acid Drinkers, Collage, Nalepa Tadeusz & Dzem, Perfect, SBB, Haskell Gordon, Flapjack, Perfect, Budgie, Turbo

Tank, Pendragon, Sepultura, Deep Purple, Obituary, Michael Schenker Group, Vader, Paul D’anno, SBB, Behemoth

Metal Mind Productions collaborated with the biggest metal record labels around the world, distributing and promoting their releases in Poland. These labels included, among others, Roadrunner Records, Century Media and Metal Blade. During the years of our partnership, several albums that were promoted by our company went gold, i.e. Nickelback, Soulfly, Slash, Machine Head, Sepultura, Korn, Megadeth, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree.
When it comes to distribution outside Poland, MMP works with the finest – MVD (USA), Soulfood – Sony (Germany), Season Of Mist (France) and Plastic Head (UK).

In the recent years our company invested a lot in new talents and their debut albums. These include Noko (finalists of the Polish edition of “Must Be The Music”), Anti Tank Nun (a new project involving Titus of Acid Drinkers fame) or Minerals. Our label was also responsible for the tremendous success of the new Polish supergroup – Luxtorpeda.

Metal Mind Productions released nearly 200 DVDs! We are currently one of the leading companies in the DVD production sector.
Our catalog includes live shows by Deep Purple, Gordon Haskell, SBB, Tiamat Michael Schenker, Pendragon, Arena, Believe, Luxtorpeda, Tank, Obituary, Moonspell, Blaze Bailey, Decapitated, Flotsam and Jetsam, Sinister, Pallas, Par Lindh Project, Caamora, Artillery, Solitude Aeturnus, Onslaught, Gorgoroth, Oliver Wakeman and many others.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Historically speaking, I’ve been working with the folks at MMP since I began this website thanks to my original affiliations with outlets like the Sea Of Tranquillity. My “e-meeting” of their staff way back before I launched PM, found me receiving packages of product to add to our review piles and while it seems that I still have many items to tackle, a lot of the completed works can be examined via THIS LINK. I hope that you will check out those reviews and know that more will come as I continue this sites relationship with their awesome team members. That’s all I have to say about the matter but as I close up I wonder what you readers might think about this anniversary milestone and their releases. Please do us a kindness and chime in down below in the comments section.

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