“Metal Mania 2006” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Metal Mania 2006”
Label: Music Video Distributors
Release Date: 6/5/2007
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

Continuing their DVD documentation of the Metal Mania festival from Poland comes highlights from the event that was held in 2006. It’s the best way to see a little of what goes on during this weekend long affair and perhaps the cheapest way to enjoy it if you cannot get a ticket to attend in Poland where it all goes down. Of course with one DVD we are only going to get a small sampling of what actually happens but better this than nothing at all. The DVD begins with Vesania, a Blackened Death Metal band from Poland who might have a member that looks familiar. Yes, you are seeing the mighty Orion from Behemoth who sings and plays guitar in this group. They only get one track and I would have liked to see more of what they are capable of. There is no shortage of 1349 however who get a full three selections to pummel your skull. Having seen this band live I know that this is one of the most brutal of the Black Metal acts and they really deliver on the stage. I was not particularly crazy about The Acid Drinkers but once they are done we get some Nevermore and Moonspell, and as each of these sections finish you are left wanting a full DVD of their concert performance. Anathema gets a few tracks as well and there is usually a lot of buzz around the way they present their style and while I have liked what I’ve seen so far I am still finding it a little difficult to get totally into them. The DVD closes with the one and only Therion and they are a band that anyone who enjoys Symphonic Operatic Metal would love. The three numbers that are included are the perfect closer for the release. If you are unaware of the things they do and follow bands like Nightwish then they are someone you might enjoy. Their performances feature Sarah Jezebel Diva who most know from Cradle Of Filth and Angtoria. Out of the twenty three provided numbers on the DVD there are mostly highlights and enough to send Metal heads out to the stores to look more into some of the players presented.

A bonus CD is included for you to enjoy a more of what happened at the Festival. The 12 bands showcased here performed on the side stage (much like what happens on the Ozzfest or Gigantour). Here is a rundown of the bands that are presented on the CD: Belphegor, Shadow’s Land, Antigama, Totem, Corruption, The No-Mads, Archeon, Centinex, SuidAkra, Misanthrope, Beseech and The Old Dead Tree. Given this is my second time viewing an edition of this tour documenting series I have to stress that my main gripe is that this is only one DVD and not two. With two they would be able to showcase more of the groups and perhaps not lock everyone into one or two tracks for the most part. Either way these are nice collections for any discerning Metal head so if the bands included on this particular one pique your interest then grab yourself a copy.

Track Listing DVD:
1. Marduke’s Mazemering – Vesania
2. The Apogee – Hieronymus Bosch
3. Blind Window Stare – Hieronymus Bosch
4. Plytki Dolek – Hunter
5. Nathicana – 1349
6. Chasing Dragons – 1349
7. Satanic Propaganda – 1349
8. Life Hurts More Than Death – Acid Drinkers
9. Human Bazooka – Acid Drinkers
10. I F**k The Violence – Acid Drinkers
11. Final Product – Nevermore
12. The Heart Collector – Nevermore
13. Enemies Of Reality – Nevermore
14. Wolfshade – Moonspell
15. Opium – Moonspell
16. Awake – Moonspell
17. Balance – Anathema
18. Closer – Anathema
19. A Natural Disaster – Anathema
20. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx – Therion
21. Asgard – Therion
22. Siren Of The Woods – Therion

Official Website: http://www.metalmind.pl/metalmania/index.php

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