”Metal Edge” & “Metal Maniacs” Magazines by Various Creatives

Artist: Various Artists
Title: ”Metal Edge” & “Metal Maniacs” Magazines
Publisher: Dorchester Media
Release Date:
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: Excellent

When you are seeking a hefty dose of Metal in a print publication then there are two places that you can do it – the pages of Metal Edge and Metal Maniacs magazine. These two periodicals are loaded to the hilt with just what the doctor ordered to sate the hungriest of Heavy Metal appetites. Both magazines are published by Dorchester Media and each of them offers a particular reader demographic an excellent focus on the bands that they hold in the highest regard. Each delivers comprehensive coverage on the scene as well as interviews, reviews and photos – here is a little more about each particular magazine to help you better choose which serves your own needs.

Metal Edge Magazine: In Metal Edge you will find a lot of the Melodic aspect of Metal along with the Power, the Nu, and the Progressive. There are articles on the latest rising stars and festivals along with reviews of CD’s, DVD’s and even games are in there to enjoy. If you are a fan of bands like All That Remains, Kamelot, Epica, and Type-O-Negative or The 69 Eyes you will love scanning through the pages of this one. Sometimes they manage to fit some heavier stuff in there but if you are seeking the supremely uncompromising and brutal stuff then you need to look at the companion magazine below. Metal Edge is the perfect issue for those that are missing the cancelled Circus Magazine and are seeking a little more content than Hit Parader usually offers the Metal scene.

Metal Maniacs Magazine:
The title of Metal Maniacs pretty much says it all as in this publication you will find the heaviest of the heavy. If you are looking for articles on Venom, Emperor, Celtic Frost and other luminaries in the Darkside of Metal then you shall find them in here. You will not find anything that uses a taste of rhyming or Rap in here. Most melodic forays are merely just a tease before the pummeling of the bands they write about continues to assault your cranium. Metal Maniacs is the best place to find out what is going on in the worlds Black Metal, Death Metal and Viking genres. Isn’t it amazing to have one convenient place to find out about them in.

Editor’s Note: Since this article was written the pair of physical magazines have ceased publication and we shall miss them very much. Given that PiercingMetal.com uses the Amazon Affiliates program to help readers purchase the CD, DVD and Books that we review we have decided to replace the original links to subcribe to those magazines with the references to both “Decibel” and “Revolver” magazine as we also enjoy them very much and wish to help support their cause when possible. It’s cheaper ordering them here as well and you know what saving money allows you to do right? It allows you to buy more METAL!!!! Hails and horns up, now get thee subscribing.

Official Web Site: www.revolvermag.com
Official Web Site: www.decibelmagazine.com

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