Merry Metal Christmas 2015 From


Hopefully you readers have successfully avoided The Krampus this year and if that is the case then on behalf of the PiercingMetal Command HQ and myself, I’d like to extend a wish to you and your families for a very Merry Christmas (that is of course if you are actually someone who is celebrating this holiday along with us). If you are celebrating something else at this time I’ll add that I hope it was an awesome one for you as well. This year’s Christmas photo found me locating a rather svelte Santa outside of our close by pizzeria Nino’s. Perhaps jolly St. Nick has been avoiding the carbs a little bit as I should be doing myself. Next year I promise (wink, wink). Santa is not one for the Metal horns so we kept it to a typical Power Rangers kind of pose for this years visual. It works for me.


Once again I’ve compiled a wealth of images that can be found on my website under the tag “Christmas In NYC 2015” so please click that if you would like to see the visuals of my metropolis around this time of the year. Thanks again for keeping in your website visiting, we are drawing to the close of a very busy year and I am looking forward to an equally productive 2016. See you with more Metal and Comics stuff before the countdown begins.

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