Megan McCauley @ Arlene’s Grocery (4/8/2008)

While we had only seen her perform a few shorts weeks ago, we were in the mood to do so again and as result found ourselves back at Arlene’s Grocery for an evening of music. This time around Megan would be presenting herself differently and also have the lovely British lass Kelly Waters performing as well. We featured some comments on Kelly in the article and if you scroll past the logo below you will see it all.

Logo - Megan McCauley

Artist: Megan McCauley
Venue: Arlene’s Grocery (New York, NY)
Opener: Kelly Waters
Date: 4/8/2008
Label: Wind-Up Records

We had happened upon the appearance of Megan McCauley only a few weeks prior to this writing and learned that evening that the sultry Vamp was doing a series of performances at the club over the span of several weeks. The first time around she was there and performing before a Deep Purple band that I had come to see and her gig was a pleasant surprise for me. Having enjoyed the set that she did, I decided that I would once again attend before the run of shows had ended. Tonight she would be on a little later and when I walked in I caught several songs from a lovely British import named Kelly Waters. Kelly’s music is more along the lines of the singer songwriter vibe and she played guitar while she sang and was accompanied by a gentleman who played the conga drums. Of course her sound is not something that I would regularly report on in this part of the site but I had to say that for a pleasant change of pace I enjoyed myself and wish her luck. She is a cute girl with a warm smile and very nice voice and definitely is accessible to those who like that particular sound. Go get ‘em Kelly. Now it was time for us to enjoy another set from Megan and this time she would not come out as the vamp that we saw only a few weeks ago but as more of a tomboy Rocker chick and as expected she was hot in this outfit as well.

megan mccauley, megan mccauley live photos
Megan McCauley Live by Ken Pierce (2008)

I’m convinced that my attendance tonight was half based on our initial enjoyment of what Megan brings to the table and the other half due to the fact that we had done so much rocking and rolling over the days that led up to this and we didn’t want to stop. In the span of a week we managed to catch the likes of UFO, Symphony X, Testament and Ace Frehley along with those acts that opened the shows. As far as Megan’s gig was concerned I was glad that I decided to do this for while the set would be the exact same one that I caught a few weeks earlier, she would open up with Concrete Blonde’s “Bloodletting” and this is a perfect song for her based on her own look. The band would also be working under the name of “Gotham City Saints” as opposed to “the band performing with Megan”. The thing that I noticed even more about the players tonight was how well they worked together as a team and not like some batch of background players. There was a definite connection and interaction between Megan and the guitarists and drummer. That’s always good to see because it looked like everyone was having fun. It was another solid set tonight but as I mentioned there was only the slightest bit of difference from the last time and this was to be expected with her only having the debut album to support. The change in her appearance for the gig offered me the chance to shoot additional photos and not have the whole night seem like a Rock and Roll deja-vu, as the jeans, leather, and spiked accessories really brought a different feel to how she does things. Be sure to watch for her name on area event calendars and check her out sometime if she is performing near you. She is truly a talented girl who I think we shall see going places sooner than later.

megan mccauley, megan mccauley live photos
Megan McCauley Live by Ken Pierce (2008)

Set List:
1. Jessica Rabbit – intro
2. Migraine
3. I Realize
4. Die For You
5. Time
6. Wrong Way Out
7. See Thru
8. I’ll Pay You To Shoot Him
9. Fragile

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