“Means To An End” by Biohazard

Artist: Biohazard
Title: “Means To And End”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 8/30/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 7.5/10

To me Biohazard are best referenced as local guys who made it to the top because of hard work and being steadfast to their music. They had a vision and were able to follow it to a certain degree of success. I remember early gigs in their career at the famous L’Amour in Brooklyn and how it felt when this highly energetic and powerful live band first secured their record deal. The band was always in the mix of things and was crossing over in the genres like Metal and Hard Core before such things became more commonplace. One could always see them at gigs mingling as well and never was that “Rock Star” mentality at play. Looking back on this it’s about 16 or so years, and the non-believers can halt in awe to the longevity and tenacity of this band. The release of “Means To An End” on SPV Records shows that in true Biohazard fashion they continue along the path that they helped to forge so many years. This crossing over with an element of street credibility was the overall appeal to the fans that followed Biohazard. Evan Seinfeld is a powerful front man who shared the duties up front very well with Billy Graziadei (guitars) very well.

Overall the new release is very good and perhaps the heaviest album that the band has released in a few years. The lineup has changed a little bit since I last followed them with Bobby Hambel being replaced by Scott Roberts on guitar. Danny Schuler remains on drums and is as solid as I remembered him. Biohazard was one of the first Metal bands who along with Anthrax mixed traces of hip-hop rhyming in their lyric content. This was not overdone on the new CD instead it focuses more on the Metal impact. On tunes like “The Fire Burns Inside” there is almost a return to the Hardcore roots. My favorite tracks on the album “Killing To Be Free” and “Kings Never Die”. The disc has a great live sound to it, and I expect this material to be brutal in person. There is certainly a good amount of boot stomping stuff for old school fans to embrace and for newer ones to give a sample to.

Track List:
1. My Life, My Way
2. The Fire Burns Within
3. Killing To Be Free
4. Filled With Hate
5. Devotion
6. Break It Away From Me
7. Kings Never Die
8. Don’t Stand Alone
9. To The Grave
10. Set Me Free

Official Web Site: www.biohazard.com

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