Maryland Deathfest Confirms 30 Bands For 2016 Event

If it seems like only yesterday that Metal crazed concert attendees were at the Maryland Deathfest for this year and while it’s only been a little over three weeks since that happening, the first batch of bands were just recently announced for the 2016 event and I have copied them here for your indulgence.

Poster - MDF - 2016

30 bands confirmed for MDF XIV: Auroch (Canada), Bongripper, Bongzilla, Denouncement Pyre (Australia), Deströyer 666, Disgorge, Exciter, Gruesome, Haemorrhage (Spain), Hail of Bullets (Netherlands), The Haunted (Sweden), Jungle Rot, Khold (Norway), Lord Belial (Sweden), Malignant Tumour (Czech Republic), Mitochondrion (Canada), Nocturnal Graves (Australia), Phobocosm (Canada), Putrid Pile, Samael (Switzerland) – “Ceremony of Opposites” set, Saturnalia Temple (Sweden), Severe Torture (Netherlands), Sinister (Netherlands), Svartidauði (Iceland), Svarttjern (Norway), Thulcandra (Germany), Tulus (Norway), Venom (UK), Visceral Disgorge and Wormed (Spain).

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Truth be told I have not yet ever attended the MDF but its not for lack of interest and more a time schedule thing against my life in NYC. While I’ve wanted to go it’s not bothered me all the time since most of the bands that I found most interesting were able to be enjoyed on their own tours. That said, this new announcement is starting off to be interesting to me since its been awhile since I saw Venom and Samael along with Exciter whom I missed on the recent Defenders Of The Old Festival. What do you readers think of these first bands for the festival ? Are you already locked into place as attending or are you like me and one of those fans who rallies for the show from afar? Let me know in the comments since I always like discussing that kind of stuff with you.

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