Maryland Death Fest 2013 Is Around The Corner!

Can you believe that it is only ten days until the 2013 edition of Maryland Death Fest?

Click Poster For Official Site
Click Poster For Official Site

Well it is and its very likely sold out by this point because with the lineup that was announced I cannot imagine anyone who hits this thing wasting any time in getting a ticket. Check out the confirmed bands on the roster for the course of the four days that this will be taking place: Abigail (Japan), Ahumado Granujo (Czech Republic), Ambassador Gun, Anhedonist, Antaeus (France), Aosoth (France), Ascension (Germany), Asthma Castle, Benediction (UK), Bolt Thrower (UK), Broken Hope, Carcass (UK), Carpathian Forest (Norway), Cobalt, Contrastic (Czech Republic), Convulse (Finland), Cruciamentum (UK), Deiphago (Philippines), Down, Exodus, Exoken, Glorior Belli (France), Gride (Czech Republic), Ihsahn (Norway), Ingrowing (Czech Republic), Iniquity (Denmark), Integrity, Kommandant, Loss, Manilla Road, The Melvins, Midnight, Necropsy, The Obsessed, Pagan Altar (UK), Pelican, Pentagram, Pig Destroyer, Repulsion, Revenge (Canada), Righteous Pigs, Sleep, Speedwolf, Ufomammut (Italy), Venom (UK), Vinterland (Sweden), and Weedeater.

I copied the bands right from the festivals official page and was happy to see where some of the groups come from. This first grouping will be playing at the location that the festival was always held at which is the Sonar Compound. There is even more happening over at the Baltimore Soundstage and those acts are as follows: Citizens Arrest, Converge, Disciples Of Christ, Eddie Brock, Full Of Hell, Gehenna, Heartless, Hellshock, Ilsa, Infest, Iron Lung, Kromosom (Australia), Like Rats, Magrudergrind, Massagrav (Sweden), Old Lines, Rotten Sound (Finland), Sete Star Sept (Japan), Terveet Kadet (Finland), Tinner (Finland), Tragedy, Vitamin X (Netherlands), Wake (Canada), and Weekend Nachos. Whew, this will be a Memorial Day weekend that no one will forget for awhile.

Now I know many of you readers are curious if I will be heading down there to cover the proceedings for the PiercingMetal site but alas this is just not possible for me. I apologize and hope you can forgive me. Honestly I would rather just be at this as a fan more than a journalist because look at the amount of work there is to get done. Yikes. Despite this I do look forward to hearing everyone’s stories and seeing their photos posted on Facebook and whatever other Social Medium they put them on. Have fun but do watch out for each other.

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One thought on “Maryland Death Fest 2013 Is Around The Corner!”

  1. the irony (for me) is I’ll be going in a journalistic capacity – been asked to write a little “travelogue” about Pagan Altar’s first show in the Us, their thoughts, etc. Should be fun!

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