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Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Damage Control” Story Trailer

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Hey fiends, so you might remember that just before the NYCC I briefly discussed a brand-new Marvel VR experience that was coming our way in the next few weeks. I didn’t know too much since it was only a teaser clip but now a full on Story Trailer is online and here we go with the sharing.

Storyline: Join Shuri on an adventure where you are the hero. Combining Wakandan and stark technology you will become a superhero yourself. Fight along Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, The Wasp and many more against an old foe from long ago..

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I just love anything that is VR because its so darned interesting and different. When you combine some of my favorite superheroes into something like this and make it an adventurous experience then I am sold. This trailer was solid and they seem to have all of the key voices from the original actors which is even more of a bonus. This experience will run for about a month in The Void locations and while I don’t know how long this will be, it’s about $40 to sign up for it. I’d love to check this out myself if I can free up the time for it. What do you think? Did this clip entice you any further? Chime in down below and here is another shameless plug, if you haven’t been following our Official Instagram at all, you might want to head over there since I’ve been loading up a lot of the visuals from last weekends New York Comic Con. See you next time around.

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