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Marvel Sez: Celebrate the Return of the “Fantastic Four” w/a Special Classic Kirby Poster

I’ve been making sure to be on point with Marvel Entertainment’s reveals about the upcoming return of the “Fantastic Four” to their monthly issues and have already shared the Big Announcement News along with the First Issue Cover Art in posts you can enjoy by clicking the text. Now, there is a visual back from the Golden Days from the legendary Jack Kirby which you can learn about below.

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The Press Release:
This August, Marvel invites you to join Johnny, Ben, Sue and Reed in their much-anticipated return to comics, featuring an all-new story from Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man, Silver Surfer), Sara Pichelli (Spider-Man: Miles Morales), and Esad Ribic (Infamous Iron Man, Marvel Legacy, Secret Wars)!

And to celebrate the return of the first family, Marvel is excited to reveal a special Fantastic Four poster featuring classic artwork by Jack Kirby, which will be available to readers this August.

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Be sure to pick up FANTASTIC FOUR #1 on August 8th, and stay tuned for announcements about FANTASTIC FOUR’s release, upcoming incentives, and more!

On Sale 8/8/18

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This is one classic image for sure and one that will be likely getting the fans all the more excited about the return of the “Fantastic Four” to the Marvel Comics roster of titles. It’s too bad that the Disney corporation isn’t in charge of the film license for these characters because they would be perfect for the MCU as it continues to build and bring in boatloads of cash. We certainly don’t want 20th Century Fox to give them a go anymore that’s for sure but I digress. What do you think of the poster and will you be ordering it or not. I love it but I am past the stage of posters in my chill space at this point in life. See you next time and do stay tuned to our Comics section of the website for more news about “Fantastic Four” and other exciting titles from Marvel Comics.

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