Marvel Reveals “Daredevil Is Back In Red” This May

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The Press Release:
Chip Zdarsky began his run on DAREDEVIL last year by having Matt Murdock hang up the suit and his super hero alter ego after tragedy struck. This May, Matt will suit up in his iconic costume once again when a lawless Hell’s Kitchen needs his help like never before in the new story arc, “Truth/Dare.”

marvel comics, marvel entertainment, daredevil

Zdarsky’s refreshing takes on classic Daredevil elements and characters have made DAREDEVIL one of the most acclaimed comic books hitting stands today! And after a three-part story with guest artist Jorge Fornés, May’s DAREDEVIL #21 will reunite Zdarsky with comics superstar Marco Checchetto – making it sure to stand out as one of the most explosive and stylish books coming this spring. Don’t miss the new chapter of the book that called “A magnificently complex super hero comic… one of the best super hero comics to be found” this May!

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’m rather behind in my “Daredevil” reading but I will definitely be perusing this issue on the racks, provided I can get my hands on a copy. One has to assume that such a return to his classic look will likely be a hit and a sell out edition for most of the retailers out there. It might actually be a good idea to put the series on your pull list so they have one ready for you just in case. If you don’t like some of the issues they’ve set aside you can surely put them back on the shelf since someone else will grab it. Closing up I wonder what you think about this news. Chime in down below in the comments section and I will see you next time.

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