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Marvel Gives A First Look @ “Domino” #1 (Coming April 2018)

Hey my comic book mavens, it’s time to share the scoop on another ongoing series that’s heading our way from the House Of Ideas over at Marvel Comics. Check out the first issue cover art and preview pages from “Domino” #1.

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“Domino” #1

The Press Release:
Marvel’s femme fatale returns to comic books this spring with the superstar team of Gail Simone and David Baldeon! DOMINO will unleash her risqué, hard-core action on the Marvel Universe in an all-new story — and Marvel has your first look at the issue that will kick it all off.

“It’s just a huge pleasure having DOMINO be my comeback to Marvel,” said Simone. “She’s everything I love about comics: a kickass female adventurer who lives life at maximum volume. I just adore her. I love writing mercs and mutants again, I love digging deep into what being those things means in a world where nobody trusts them, not even other mercs and mutants.”

“The tale of Domino, as we’re telling it, feels very much like what people will think of when they think of Neena in the future. And the voice! Ever since page one of the first script, Gail nails Neena’s voice,” said Baldeon. “It’s sexy, it has some of the best action I’ve been lucky enough to draw, it has drama and humor, and it takes you on one of the most exciting rides out there today.”

DOMINO brings you action, adventure, and antics like you’ve never seen before – don’t miss your chance to jump on board when DOMINO #1 arrives in comic shops this April!


marvel comics, comic book previews, domino
“Domino” #1 (Page 1)
marvel comics, comic book previews, domino
“Domino” #1 (Page 2)
marvel comics, comic book previews, domino
“Domino” #1 (Page 3)
marvel comics, comic book previews, domino
“Domino” #1 (Page 4)

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ve not followed the character for a number of years as I’ve become more of a casual collector these days. With Domino being a part of the upcoming “Deadpool 2” movie, I am sure that folks are going to be rallying behind her and making this a very hot title on the racks of your neighborhood comic book store. What do you think about this interesting character and her new title? Let me know down below as all topical comments will be approved straight away.

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