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Marvel Comics Reveals “The Runes Of The Realms” – “War Of The Realms” Is Nigh!

I’ve shared the updates for Marvel Comics massive April 2019 happening known as “War Of The Realms” a couple of times already and to make sure you are right up to date, please click on THIS TAG so you see the rundown of the posts that have preceded this one. Let’s peruse the latest….

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“For six years now in my run on THOR, I’ve been using Malekith’s war to explore the different realms that are strung along the World Tree. We’ve been to each and every one of them and seen how the people there have been touched by this war to end all wars. Now, as the war finally comes to the last realm standing, Midgard, where the heroes of Earth are waiting, those other realms will still have a pivotal part to play. Whether for good or ill remains to be seen…” – Jason Aaron

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I won’t add too much here outside of saying that seeing these designs makes me hope that we can count on a button set that can be purchased at retailers. Even better, some kind of giveaways to the fans visiting the comic book retailers like we found happening with DC Comics “Dark Knights Metal” initiative. I secured a whole set of those and they were awesome so I hope that you did too. Alright back to the mines because we are drawing close to the holidays for us and while there is still more to do in 2018, I am putting some lists together for 2019 nice and early. See you soonish, which you knew already.

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