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Marvel Comics First Issues Coming In July 2017

Hello there my friends in comic book collecting land, what an exciting time it is to be a fan of this sort of stuff. We’re already in July which means the year is fleeting by us at a superfast pace but that is okay by me with this particular month since it means we only have about a week until the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” film opens up in theaters around the world. Sony Pictures and Marvel had a world premiere the other night but sadly our outlet was not a part of the celebration. Now before I begin with this month’s first issue offerings, please remember that this month, numerous titles will feature “X-Men Trading Card” cover variants (see them all HERE) and the Spider-Man themed “True Believers” titles are also available while supplies last (see the rundown of those issues HERE). Now let’s suit up shall we……as usual the press copy and images from directly from the source but my editorial soap boxing at the close is all me 🙂

“Astonishing X-Men” #1

ASTONISHING X-MEN #1: ONLY THE X-MEN CAN SAVE US! An ancient evil is attacking the world’s most powerful minds. It will have them by the time you finish this sentence, and a moment later, it will have us all. A band of X-MEN discovers the truth behind the threat, but there is no time left. PSYLOCKE, OLD MAN LOGAN, BISHOP, ARCHANGEL, FANTOMEX, ROGUE and GAMBIT will attempt to save a world that hates and fears them. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE X-MEN.
From blockbuster writer CHARLES SOULE and joined by a roster of superstar artists beginning with JIM CHEUNG. ASTONISHING X-MEN. It’s the X-book you need.


“Spider-Men II” #1

SPIDER-MEN II #1 (of 5): THIS IS IT, TRUE BELIEVERS! The moment five years in the making is finally here! The first time Peter Parker and Miles Morales met ended with a question — WHO IS THE MILES MORALES OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE?! Now that the Miles you know and love is with Peter in the Marvel Universe, you’re finally going to get that answer to who the OTHER Miles Morales is! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli bring you the next heart-stopping adventure for both Peter Parker and Miles Morales!

BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS (W) • SARA PICHELLI (A); Cover by Sara Pichelli and Justin Ponsor

“Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe….Again” #1

DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE AGAIN #1 & 2 (of 5): Remember the time Deadpool went a little TOO crazy and killed the entire Marvel Universe? Well, this isn’t that. This is a DIFFERENT time. Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Dalibor Talajic (A.K.A. the creators behind DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE) have reunited for ANOTHER tale of Deadpool taking out all of your faves in the most horrific ways possible! It’s gonna hurt him more than it hurts you…and you’re gonna love it!


“Thor: Ragnarok – Prelude” #1

MARVEL’S THOR: RAGNAROK PRELUDE #1 (of 4): THE INCREDIBLE HULK’S MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE DEBUT! BRUCE BANNER has been trying to put the past behind him as he learns to control the powerful beast inside him. But as GENERAL ROSS continues to hunt the fugitive Banner, it’s only a matter of time before the HULK will smash! Join us for part one of our lead-up to 2017’s cinematic event Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok with this brand-new comic adaptation of the smash hit The Incredible Hulk!


MARVEL’S THOR: RAGNAROK PRELUDE #2 (of 4): HULK VS. ABOMINATION! GENERAL ROSS’ obsession with the HULK will have dire consequences…including the emergence of a powerful villain that may prove too much for his forces…or the Hulk! It’s a showdown in New York City, and the next step on the road to Ragnarok!


“Spider-Man: The Master Plan” #1

SPIDER-MAN: MASTER PLAN #1: CRIME DOES PAY! Everything’s going perfectly for PETER PARKER…he’s got some time off and landed tickets to the hottest Broadway show in town…which means there’s another shoe ready to drop somewhere… Join everyone’s favorite web-slinger in an all-new story against his classic foe THE CRIME MASTER! Also including a special reprinting of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #2, featuring the first appearance of THE VULTURE!


“Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Telltale Series” #1

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: THE TELLTALE SERIES #1 (OF 5): An all-new prequel to the interactive episodic game Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series! A group of cultists have taken over the planet Titan, turning it into a proverbial hive of scum and villainy, all worshipping its most infamous native son, the cosmic tyrant Thanos! Luckily for the Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s also the target of their newest heist! Hired by a mysterious buyer, our band or ragtag misfits will have to get in and get out without being sliced and diced by a planet full of crazies. Easier said than done! Join Star-Lord, Drax, Gamora, Rocket and Groot on an action-packed, laugh-filled adventure that’s not only being created in conjunction with Telltale, but also leads directly to the new smash hit game!

FRED VAN LENTE (W) • Salva Espin (A); Cover by DAVID NAKAYAMA

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’m planning on giving each one of these debut issues a whirl despite checking out a couple of them on the racks first. I don’t want to spend too much money early in the month since I need the cash for the film and a most probably second viewing a few days later. What do you readers think of these bunch of first issues and mini-series? You can let me know down in the comments section below. Don’t forget to find those True Believers issues since you’ll hate yourself if you do and be sure to stockpile the X-Men Trading card variants if those things suit your fancy. See you in a few days with more comic book stuff. I’ll be doing the Image Comics rundown next.

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