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Marvel Comics Brings “NYC” Variant Covers In May 2015

The merry Manhattan maniacs at Marvel Comics are going to pay some awesome tribute to the Big Apple with their May comic book cover variants that depict our fair city with their most popular characters. There are fifteen in all and I’ve snagged most of them for you to browse. Take a look and make sure you tell your local comic book shop to set these aside for you.

Comic - All-New Hawkeye 3 - NYC 2015
All-New Hawkeye #3 NYC by Pascual Ferry
Comic - Ant-Man 5 - NYC 2015
Ant-Man #5 by Mico Suayan

Comic - Black Widow 18 - NYC 2015
Black Widow #18
Comic - Daredevil 16 - NYC 2015
Daredevil #16
Comic - Guardians of the Galaxy 27 - NYC 2015
Guardians of the Galaxy #27 by Nick Bradshaw
Comic - Howard The Duck 3 - NYC 2015
Howard The Duck #3 by Bobby Rubio
Comic - Hulk 16 - NYC 2015
Hulk #16
Comic - Ms Marvel 15 - NYC 2015
Ms. Marvel #15 by Pascal Campion
Comic - SHIELD 6 - NYC 2015
S.H.I.E.L.D. #6
Comic - Silk - NYC 2015
Amazing Spider-Man #18 by Pascal Campion
Comic - Spider-Gwen 4 - NYC 2015
Spider-Gwen #4 by Mark Brooks
Comic - Superior Iron Man - NYC 2015
Superior Iron Man #9 by Mike Mayhew
Comic - Thor 8 - NYC 2015
Thor #8 by Mike Mayhew
Comic - Uncanny X-Men - NYC 2015
Uncanny X-Men #35 by Siya Oum

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Although Marvel isn’t saying anything, the timing is pretty coincidental to the move by DC Comics over to the West Coast. Yep, Superman, Batman and all the rest are going to be out there having fun in the warm California Sun (that’s a Ramones reference BTW) and have closed their NYC offices after being a part of our region since their inception. They left us a few short weeks ago and I think that it was a shame to find happening since I considered NYC to be as important as their own Metropolis to the characters. I reflected on that happening with some images that I snapped during visits to the place which you can see HERE. That being said, I really love these NYC covers and think that it was a great idea and hope that they do it again sometime in the future. What do you think? Will you be picking up these variants as well along with your regular books? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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