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Marvel Announces “Falcon and Winter Soldier” Series For February

The Press Release:
Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson have both fought by Captain America’s side and taken on the mantle themselves. Now, as the Winter Soldier and Falcon, Cap’s most trusted friends are going on their own adventure in their own series, FALCON & WINTER SOLDIER! Written by Derek Landy with art by Federico Vicentini, this high-stakes action spectacular will pit Bucky and Sam against the worst of Hydra in a pulse-pounding race to stop one of the terror group’s deadliest plans yet!

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“Falcon and Winter Soldier” #1

“I was given free-rein to do whatever I wanted with this book, so I took the opportunity to do a big, sprawling action-adventure that takes Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes across America, from an office filled with dead government agents in New York to a house in the suburbs stuffed with Captain America memorabilia to a secret Hydra base somewhere in Nevada…,” Landy reveals. “I wanted every issue to top the action of the issue before it, and with Federico Vicentini on art we’re just about managing it! I have yet to write an action scene that Federico can’t make a thousand times better with the sheer kineticism of his pencils. It’s been an absolute blast — in more ways than one.”

The first issue of this action-packed new series hits comic shops on Wednesday, February 26 — but you can get a sneak peek right now on!

“FALCON & WINTER SOLDIER” #1 will also introduce the Marvel Universe to a brand new character, one who has a deep, and perhaps misguided, appreciation for all things Captain America! Prepare to meet The Natural, a skilled fighter that Landy describes as a “true fanboy… being led down the wrong path by the wrong people.” For the full scoop, including concept art, an upcoming cover, and more, visit Check out the Chinese New Year Variant cover below by artist Ziyian Liu and pick up the first issue of this action-packed new series on Wednesday, February 26th!

comic book covers, marvel comics, marvel entertainment, falcon and winter soldier
“Falcon and Winter Soldier” #1 (Chinese New Year Variant)

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Having enjoyed the pairing of these two characters in the recent Marvel Studios films “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame” can say that I look forward to this title and the upcoming mini-series of the same name. I am currently NOT a subscriber to Disney+ and figured that I will wait until the show is ready to complete so I can binge all of the episodes. I was on point when “The Mandalorian” was running but now that its over I have cancelled my subscription. It is the way ;p What do you readers think about this new series? Chime in down below in the comments section and I will see you next time.

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