“Marking Time” by Fluttr Effect

Artist: Fluttr Effect
Title: “Marking Time”
Label: 10T Records
Release Date: Progressive Rock/Experimental
Rating: 4/5

Every once in awhile you come across a band that chooses to raise the bar, or up the ante against the normal way of doing things and here we find Fluttr Effect as the group doing it this time around. This very interesting Boston-based quintet touches upon the Pop genre on occasion but only after a hefty blend of Progressive, Celtic and Trip-Hop elements are used to a wonderful effect. Singer Trott has some inflections in her voice to Gwen Stefani, and perhaps that is just the production on the release for nothing else comes across as the Ska band No Doubt by any measure. The musical diversity shows quite clearly on the recording based on their use of electric cello instead of traditional bass and the inclusion of a MIDI marimba along with the standard drums and guitar. Songs like “Venus Loves Hades” have a great potential for a hit single should the band find the proper outlet of listener in the mainstream realm while “Nowhere” and “Talk To Me” have deft levels of Progressive vibe that will surely impress that often-critical brand of listener. It is very apparent that some of the bands influences fall on early Seventies Prog and Rock and are blended together on such killer selections like “Awake”. The roster for the band is comprised of Kara Trott (vocals), Troy Kidwell (guitar), Vessela Stoyanova (MIDI Marimba), Valerie Thompson (electric cello), and J. Marchionna (drums/percussion) and all of them work together very well on this recording, their second. “Marking Time” is referred to as “Think Rock” but I feel the record is Technical Rock with a twist of Progressive added for extra taste. If you are one of those fans that enjoys an element of surprise at what can be done in Rock music then this is the band for you.

Track Listing:
1. Like This
2. Talk To Me
3. Awake
4. Hollywood Is Porn
5. February First 1896
6. Lucky Glove
7. Don’t Know What You’re Living For
8. Venus Loves Hades
9. Nowhere
10. Marking Time
11. Transmission – bonus

Official Website: http://www.fluttreffect.com

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