“Mario Minor 2” (Single) by Powerglove

Artist: Powerglove
Title: “Mario Minor 2” (Single)
Label: Powerglove Recordings
Release Date: 5/1/2017
Genre: Video Game Metal

While breezing through the Facebook Timelines for information that was NOT political arguments or involving the latest crap that the Kardashians are up to, I discovered that once again the lads in Powerglove had dished out another fancy little ditty as a part of their “Song Of The Month” club. The band has been doing this for a few months now with songs like “Kirby” and “Kraid’s Lair” and now with “Mario Minor 2” are continuing the process of presenting their eventually coming album “Continue”. It’s got a fun graphic as the cover and here are my thoughts on the latest tune.

I’m reading that “Mario Minor 2” is a sequel to the bands “Mario Minor” tune but I don’t recall where that originally hailed from since a lot of the bands older stuff is hard to come by in physical format. “Mario Minor” itself is a combination of melodic elements inspired by the “Super Mario Bros” and “Super Mario World” videogames. Remember that Powerglove IS a Video Game Metal band so everything falls under that premise at the moment. The tune is a solid one and runs almost “7” minutes in length with superb drumming by Silver and great lead guitar work by Berkson. I could not really offer up much about the connection to the Mario games since I really never played them back in the day but I am sure that these Heavy Metal Nerds are on point. There is also a fantastic graphic of a character who is named “Bullet Bill”. I think that Powerglove needs to get on point with a series of action figures. I’d order this one to keep the collection building for sure and if you don’t trust my judgement just hit Spotify first but be sure to use our Amazon.com link below to show we sent ya there. See you next month with another installment in the ongoing “Adventures Of Powerglove”!!!!

Track Listing:
1. Mario Minor

Official Website: http://powergloveband.com/

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